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Southwest Airlines new boarding policy?

Has anyone experienced the new boarding groups policy that is being instituted by Southwest (your boarding pass # determines the boarding order)? Did you like it?


They have also added an elitist group, actually known as the "A List" which is frequent fliers that already have the A boarding passes reserved for them before they even check in. This means that you are unlikely to get an A pass unless you are on this list.

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    I flew Southwest twice in the last ten days - Chicago and Ft. Myers airports - and it has not taken effect yet in those locations. Chicago Midway has the posts erected but there were bags over them. I think the boarding will be much better in groups of five. It is my understanding that the A,B & C lines will still be there, but the numbers 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, etc will be posted on posts so you'll know where to stand. I've noticed in the last year that people tend to get in line over an hour early & have to wait there to hold their place in line. With the new boarding procedures, you can arrive at the last minute and join your group of 5...I believe it will be much easier & more convenient for everyone. The A group also boards prior to families with children, which I believe is nicer for individuals travelling for business or may be in a hurry. It can get frustrating for you to wait behind many families while they usher their small children out ahead of you if you are trying to catch a connecting flight or be somewhere at a certain time. Nothing against travelling with children - I did it myself for many years - but it does take longer for them to get off the plane.

    I'm looking forward to the new boarding procedures...I'm sure many people will be on their computers exactly 24 hours prior to their flights to get a lower-numbered pass!

    I do agree that your chances of getting an A boarding pass - or at least a low number A boarding pass are reduced with their frequent travellers getting the first boarding. I guess you have to weigh the ticket cost against the choice of seats. I like their Ding fares & being able to travel inexpensively.

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    When the planes start taking off later and later while the parents are trying to strap in the carseats and holding up the line of other people trying to get on, and when there aren't two seats together for the parent and 1-year-old to sit next to each other (how ridiculous is not having seat assignments and not letting families board first -- is some guy on a business trip really going to sit with my toddler for a four hour flight?!), they may change their minds. There was a reason for pre-boarding and it wasn't to give an advantage to families but to make the whole process run more smoothly.

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    The new boarding process starts systemwide today (the 8th). It will solve a lot of problems that we currently have, such as passengers leaving their bags in line and going off for McDonald's/restroom/buy a magazine/have a drink in the bar. It eliminates the need for people to camp out on the floor, as your spot is automatically saved for you. I'm looking forward to seeing how well it works out.

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    It does save the hassle of lining up at the airport gate. Just check in online 24 hours ahead of your flight. No problemo.

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    Its not ABC groups anymore? that was kind of exciting like luck of the draw...or horrible the time I was in a group of 12 people and we ended up in group C ha ha ha.

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