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312 ACFM is equal to how much CFM?

I am trying to see if I have the capacity for some new equipment in my plant. I know the equipment is 1500-2000 CFM and I have 3 machines with 312 ACFM. Do I have the capacity and what is the difference between the two?

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    1500-2000 CFM must refer to the air flow at the condition of 1500-2000 SCFM, or CFM at Standard Conditions of 68 Degrees F. and 14.696 psi.

    312 ACFM refers to the conditions of the air at Actual Conditions of (Actual Air Temperature at the Equipment Location, Deg. F) and (Actual Air Pressure at the Equipment Location, PSI).

    Then you can use the relationship:



    Plug in either the value for ACFM or SCFM, and solve for the other. Unless you live at a relatively high altitude above sea level the air pressure difference will probably not be important, but if you are located above 2500 feet in elevation ou may have to take the air pressure difference into account.

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    ACFM refers to actual cubic feet per minute. That means cubic feet at the actual conditions rather than standard conditions.

    Your will need to correct the ACFM to CFM by adjusting for temperature and pressure using the gas laws.


    All of the pressures and temperatures are absolute

    I think gatorbait has a typo. standard temp is 60 deg F not 68

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    Acfm To Scfm

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