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Prime Minister 首相? 總理?

Thank you for your quick answer. That was what I thought but I still have doubt. Thailand has a king and the Prime Minister is 總理, UK and Japan both has a queen and an emperor, the Prime Ministers are 首相. it really confuses me. Please explain. Thanks.


Thanks for your answers. There must be a way of standard translation. When a new country is founded with a new government body. The Hong Kong medias must have a standard way to translate the cabinet members' titles. It cannot be "doesn't matter" as long as they do the same job.

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    首相,總理, president E.T.C is all actually the same, they are the one who keeps the country working properly and stuff like that. Kings and queens are just people like the president in the old times but no any more, they don't care those things. Kings and queens are in present today because people respects them and think that they are important maybe because they rule the citizens long time ago. The nobles nower days does other things, Queen Elizabeth of UK and her family opened a company selling royal products they call, like mlk and stuff (diary etc)

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    總理英文叫 premier, prime minister 叫 首相會好分別d!!!!

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