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土撥 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


題目"My social and Environment"










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  • Robert
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    1 decade ago
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    My ambition since I have an ambition on my own has always been to make the world better. After graduation from Taiwan University, my journey to the unachievable goal will start then. The first step, I will apply to be a staff of some politician and do my best to bring the benefit of our environment. At the same time, I will strike myself into a volunteer on social service. The betterment of our world cannot rely on the effort of several individuals, but must be a consequence of the action of all mankind. I hope my efforts, through cooperation with other people, can bind together our ideal and daily life experience, can bring resource and attention to those who are in need, and to picture a tomorrow in which we all can safely and happily live. Consequently, my personal objective in graduate study, as well as all knowledge exploration in the future, is to increase my understanding to the society, strengthen my ability on ecosystem and build up all necessary analysis and research technique on eco-protection.

    Economic activities in both the developed and developing countries aggravate the environmental problems, and endanger welfare. In addition, lots of new global environmental problems emerged, such as climate change, ozone depleting, desertification, biodiversity, etc. To protect environment is the most important task in the future.

    And I am happy to know, and create chance to cooperate with everyone who has similar goal with me.

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