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Should the continental United States have only one time zone?

Many countries (such as China) have only one time zone because they feel it is conducive to efficiency. There is no question what time it is in any part of the country. The entire country awakens and sleeps on the same schedule and, more importantly, the markets and businesses open and close in unison. Would it be more efficient for the United States to adopt a time of the midwest so that all Americans can be on the same clock?


hey wolf, you might check your physics calculations again. china has a very similar land mass to the united states. they, too, would span four or five time zones.

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    first of ur right wolf is a dumbass, china does have a similar land mass as the US, the US been 3rd and China been 4th in the world BUT its not expanded as much as the US east - west now, he is also wrong by saying that is only determined by the axis since states/countries CAN pick what timezone to be in. good example is Arizona which half the time is in pacific time zone half the time is not. the reason behind some states choose to be on one time zone or another is for the same reason you mention Business, Baja California opted to be in pacific time zone since it conducts most of its business with CA even though (if you look at the map) mos of it lays east. the same is true with other states like Texas which is divided in 2 time zones. you could argue that the easter and central time be combined but you could not do it with mountain nor pacific i know this because i fly for work often between Los Angeles and Atlanta and believe me you can tell the difference. it would create enormous amounts of energy waiste. Would Productivity increase? i would say no it would stay even at best.

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    To be more accurate, the time zones should be divided into 15 minute intervals, so the continental U.S. would have over 16 different zones. What do you think about that?

    Is it more important to have an accurate time or have people in LA start work at 5am while New Yorkers start at 8am? That would be the Chinese way.

    Let's leave it alone. If a politician would suggest something like this, they would be laughed out of office.

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    Having one time zone would not be a good idea. Humans internal clocks make them most productive during hours of daylight. If you had to wake up at 4am and be at work at 5am (if you lived in on the west coast) it would drag you down. It would also lead to an increase in depression. In countries where there is little daylight time there is an increase in depression. All in all, if this was done it would make people less productive and less happy.

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    ok you've got to be kidding right.........the reason we are in different time zones is because of our position on the earth as it is rotating about its axis determines it.....its not just something we can say Hey lets make the sun rise in every state at exactly the same time LOL physics lesson really quick so you can understand.........we experience night and day because the earth is rotating about an internal axis while also orbiting the sun this is the basis of our time..............all of china is in the same time zone because China is positioned in such a way that the entire country is oriented in such a way that everyone in china sees the sun rise at the same time. Oh yea and here is something that might shock you even further.........when its night over here its day over there LOL

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