Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Texas Longhorns???

what are some predictions for the saturday game in Texas??? (by the way I'm a red raider fan)

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    Depends on which Texas team shows up this week. They seem to be rather inconsistent this year. Defensively, their best game that I have seen was against OU. Offensively, they have been very good at times. If Okla St is a comparison team, then it will be a close one and I wouldn't put money on it.

    Texas 28, Tx Tech 34

    Source(s): OU and Cal fan.
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    Red Raiders have never done that well against the Longhorns (14-42) and have been especially bad when the game is in Austin (5-26). Don't see that changing this year, especially with how up and down the Red Raiders have been, with wins over Texas A&M and Baylor, but a huge loss to Missouri and a really bad loss to Colorado in Lubbock.

    Longhorns by 10.

  • 4 years ago

    I am a LSU Fan . As an impartial fan have to say that Texas vs Tech i will remember more, because Mike pulled a Les Miles last year at the Auburn Game. This is why I watch only College Football, more teams More Competitive games, and If I had anything to do with this I would have said HookemHorns. That is why Mike Leach is a fantastic coach the plays you won't forget!

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    The Longhorns have been up and down this season. The Raiders always have a chance to win when the play in Lubbock. I wouldn't be suprised if Tech wins by 3 TDs.

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    haha wow i go to texas tech but im gonna have to say texas dude but lets hope this happens


    if you dont know what that is your should look it up on youtube right now!!!!

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