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Essay question help?

Hey i have to write an essay and im confused on what the essay topic is actually asking . The essay question is " How do you feel that a person like yourself could/should participate meaningfully in political behavior?" I do not understand what exactly thats asking and could somone provide an example or two of what I could write about with that

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    How can you, yourself, participate in political behavior? Answer that one, then tackle whether you shoud participate. Are you old enought to vote? Will you get involved enough to select a candidate to support, and encourage others to vote for the candidate whether you can vote or not.

    It's very easy for young people to get excited about global warming, Al Quaida, and undocumented immigrants. This essay assignment is challenging you to take the next step: don't lecture your mom about the Dasani water bottles, don't think Leonardo diCaprio can make it all better. Find a politician who will outlaw that nonsense, and support his candidacy.

    Please convey my respects to your teacher.

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    Remove all of the extra words and what it's saying is how do you think you can help in the political arena, i.e., participating in the campaigns using your background in whatever (history, political science, fundraising, marketing, etc.), manning the voting booths, vigorously supporting your candidate by staging rallies, applying to be a page at the White House, and so on. One secret to writing essays, in case you haven't found this out yet: if your professor has spoken on this topic or any topic closely related, and if you have taken good notes during class, use some of his or her relevant comments in your essay. This shows your professor that you've been paying attention and valued what you've been taught.

    Good luck with your essay!

    Source(s): Not to boast, but this is from my personal experience with writing essays in college and graduating with honors.
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    Essay questions are very General, you have to narrow them down yourself, and then stick to it the entire essay.

    In your situation, use Elections as a political behavior. "How do you feel that a person like yourself could/should participate meaningfully in Elections?"

    See there's nothing to it.

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    The question wants you address how you should or could be politically active.

    For example:

    Do you think like a republican or a democrat or somewhere in between?

    What issue are important to you and how could you or should you get active in promoting those issues?

    Are you old enough to vote? If so do you think that your should vote?

    Ideas along those lines.

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  • how do you think you should participate in politics meaningfully? like if you're 18+ voting and things along that line. <3 DeegeMonster

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    I think it is asking you( with your varied talents and interests in what goes on around you and in life in general )could you get yourself involved in being interested in politics (Yuck!!!!) and take an active part in getting stuff changed etc.

    Maybe you could start by describing yourself a bit: For instance Well I think of myself as someone who likes to keep in touch with what is happening around the world and also in my own backyard. For instance I am interested in (Animal rights/Climate Change/Third World Poverty/The War in Iraq - or anything else that really really interests you and also the things that interest you like the social structures where you live and stuff like things you see wrong, say with the welfare system, with racial matters, with the medical system - stuff bad and good about lots of things (And talk about your own areas of interest and annoyance).

    I suppose it means should and could (and if so how??) you get involved and if you decide you want to join a club (say for Animal Rights or something) and that would be the way you "could" start to get involved in the big questions that make take your notice.

    It is a question that is saying Hey you!!! what is it that you yourself could do to get involved to try and improve certain laws, certain attitudes etc. etc. - like should there be more sporting venues for teenagers in the area where you live and are there groups you could join to discuss these things and then get petitions going to take to your local Council or something. (You could ask at your local library re political groups in your area or concerned groups in all sorts of community matters).

    Anyway at the start of the essay explain what sort of person you are and how you could help get things done even at a small local level for starters. Like what actual steps would you take to present suggestions to your local Council for instance to get rid of a dangerous slide in the park or something??? or better cafeteria at school with better food choices for instance - or write letters to Congress on the Big Issues and/or send emails (how would you go about doing stuff like that? i.e. find out the email addresses, people to speak to etc. Good luck.

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    It's asking what you would feel like if a regular person could participate in politics.

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    I think that it might mean that if you were a politician or something like that, then it asks how you would act in that kind of situation. At least that's what I would think that it would mean.

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    it sounds like it's asking can one person really make a difference or not.

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