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I want to buy stock but don't understand it help any good stocks out there?

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    yes,try to study to stock moves on corporations such as ibm,att,ge,general motors,microsoft,intel,adm,eli lilly,merck

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    You can start by looking at P/E ratios, dividends, 52-week highs and lows, market activity, interest rates, blah blah blah.

    I found a gem of a stock in PCU, Southern Copper Corporation. They operate copper and metal mining in south america and mexico. The stock pays a nice dividend at 8% which means over one year, they'll pay you back 8% of your investment, so you're still getting money even if the stock drops.

    Also, look for stocks that mine the earth of it's resources. Once oil is gone, there will be no more, same for metals, coal, and other non-renewable resources. So PCU is a smart play because it mines copper, and copper is necessary to build new homes, technology, etc. So as the planet population grows so will the demand for non-renewable resources, and the stock of the company may also rise. That's just my logic.

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    EGHT is departing. I think this stock will be at least double in 2008.

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