Are vodka, beer or other alcoholic beverages commonly distilled with genetically modified ingredients?

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    Most spirits are made with corn. There is no regulation stating that it must be made with organic or non-genetically modified ingredients. The TTB (branch of the ATF) states that a spirit labeled organic must be made with a minimum of 70% organic ingredients. To understand how using organic or genetically modified ingredients will effect you in the end run, you must first understand the theory of distillation. If you are making vodka for example, the mash is distilled off at 190 proof, which is the about the strongest you can get outside of a laboratory vacuum. That mean it is 95% pure alcohol and 5% water. You may have some slight impurities, but most of those are removed by filtering and other treatment. Have you ever taken a shot of vodka and said "hey, this tastes like corn"? Of course not. All that is ever carried over is alcohols, water, and some flavoring essences. What I am really trying to say is, even if they used genetically modified corn in the making of spirits, this would not have any effect on the taste or your health. To quote the TTB "In principle, food products derived from genetic modification that are demonstrated to be safe and nutritious are treated the same as non-genetically modified foods with regard to labeling requirements. There are no apparent health or safety risks associated with bioengineered foods used in the production of alcohol beverages. TTB has no basis for concluding that alcohol beverages produced from bioengineered ingredients differ from other alcohol beverages in any meaningful or uniform way, or that, as a class, alcohol beverages made from plant ingredients developed by the new techniques present any different or greater safety concern than alcohol beverages made from ingredients developed by traditional plant breeding."

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    The question behind the question is: what is distillation.

    Here is an in-depth article that describes it very well:

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    No, distillation is done with heat. Usually electric, but sometimes natural gas.

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    I would assume so, in America anyway.

    If you are going to cook the crap out of it anyway, make it as cheaply as possible.

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