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Opening temporary powerpoint file on IE?

Hi, i have this problem when i click on a powerpoint file on internet explorer and the download window opens but it doesnt recognize that it's a .ppt file. It should have the options of having it open or saved. but for some reason it only lets me find and save the file. I want it to let me have the option of opening it but not saving it onto my computer. I have powerpoint 2003 installed in my computer and its a full copy. Am i missing a file extension that causes internet explorer to not recognize the file everytime i try to open .ppt files? Any help will be appreciated.

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    You need to select the find option and browse to the PowerPoint excecutable file.

    Should be in:

    c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Ofice11\msppt.exe or something similar.


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    No it won't. A microsoft document can in ordinary terms be transferred from an earlier replica to the 2007. there are particular steps you're able to circulate by using to transform it. yet i don't be attentive to them. you're able to alter the document extension to .ppt fairly of .pptx . that would desire to artwork. i think of you may desire to upload the powerpoint to googledocs then obtain it as .ppt on your different notebook. i be attentive to, its a soreness in the *** to do all that downloading and importing, yet thats what we could consistently circulate by using. my intense college replaced their version this 365 days and that i individually in ordinary terms have the old version. I could do an entire **** load of essays plus i'm on the newspaper, so a **** load of adjusting for me too. yet, i haven't had to circulate a powerpoint, with a bit of luck i will never could. i wish I helped.

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