Do you think there's a diffrence between, "smart" and "clever"?

I've asked a lot of people this question,

but many of them don't understand what I mean.


just saying, i love everybody who's answered this question so far!

I've never asked anyone this question, with them understanding what I ment, until now.

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    I'd absolutely say there's a difference. Case in point, my Beagle Dexter. He's so CLEVER. He can open closed doors, manipulate with a puppy stare in his cutest pose, or manage to knock down food off of a countertop. There are many things he does which show me how clever he is. That being said, sometimes he eats...well, everything. This has caused him to be sick on numerous occasions, but he still never puts the two together. Eating string, towels, napkins and blankets = painful and troublesome #2's. He's not SMART enough to make the realization. My point you say?

    Clever is the ability to get what you want short term. Smart is the ability to plan ahead so you'll always have what you need.

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    There are two mice. The goal is to get out of the box. The smart mouse who have traveled thru the labyrinth so many times can get to the exit in no time. The clever mouse thinking only about the goal, started munching the side of the box and made it's own exit. In the end, they both got out of the box at the same time.

    The difference? Clever people are innovative while smart people are preservative. Smart people sometimes tries to be clever, but it often fails because they are limited by their own knowledge. Unless a method has already been tried before, they won't even try it. While a clever person will look at the situation, gather the datas, and will find a way to minimize the risk. Once a method is established, smart people will start using the method, while Clever people will continue to find new and better method.

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    YES! It's kinda like having book smarts or street smarts. i.e. college education or going to the school of hard knocks. There are many smart people who can't figure out simple tasks like changing a flat tire, because it's not writen in books. But then again there are many clever people who can change a tire in 10 seconds flat but can't balance a check book. That might be me :)

    Source(s): School of hard knocks.
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    Smart is a way to describe how intelligent a person is. Clever is a personality quirk. You can be smart and not be clever (this is quite common), and vice versa (not quite as common, but it happesn.

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