i'd like to know what furosemide-40-mg,midication looks like?

what do the medication,furosemide-40mg,look like?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It depends on the manufacturer:

    Sandoz Inc., Sandoz, Geneva:

    Whitish pills with a score (line) down the middle. One side reads GG above the line; 201 below the line. The other side is blank.

    UDL Laboratories Inc,

    Also scored down the middle. Mylan 216 on one side; a large 40 on the other side

    Lederle Std Prod

    Scored: One side, F above the line; 12 below the line.

    Other side two script letter L's.

    Lederle Std Prod

    WC above the line; 40 below the line

    Ivax Pharm

    SP above the line; 01 below the line


    5575 on one side; reverse side - DAN above and below the line.

    Mylan Quality Care Prod

    Myland 216 on one side; 40 on the other side


    3841 on one side; Rugby on the other side


    Watson 301 on one side; nothing on the other

    DRx McKesson Packaging

    One side GG above the line; 201 below. Nothing on the other side.

    Watson Pharmaceuticals

    Watson 3437; reverse side, scored, but no print

    Roxane Laboratories Inc

    54 over 583

    Others may be found by searching Google for furosemide; when the results come up, click on images and look through the listings for all that are 40 mgs.

    Good luck.

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