I think the McCanns would fit in well on the jeremy kyle show, don't you?

They went out drinking and left their children home alone,
Update: I mean if two Chavs had done that, you would all be up in arms eh?
Update 2: But two middleclass doctors, oh it's just a mistake, i hear you pros saying
Update 3: Shady, lol
Update 4: Michele, i think they are suitable for jeremys show, by leaving 3 small children alone in their holiday apartment & going out drinking with friends, actions speak louder than words
Update 5: Gerry & Kate could not show anyone up, they are a joke.
Update 6: Karen, don't pretend you don't eh?
Update 7: Happy Wanderer, why have you not done anything about these children you have seen?
Update 8: Paxman would do a good job, but thats a different show.
Update 9: Julia, you are so right.
Update 10: Suzanne, thats whats wrong with this country, one law for the rich & another for the poor.
Update 11: Cookie, are you Team Mc?
Update 12: Thebig, i did watch the tonight show last night, what a biased show that was, what about British TV being impartial?
Update 13: Intelligant parents don't leave their children Home Alone, Cookie
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