What "human rights violations" (as Israel UN envoy & Wiesenthal Center's Hier claim) are there in Belorussia?l

I read Israel's envoy to the UN gave a speech, in which he complained the UN Human Rights Commission is obsessed with Israel, while there are "more human rights violations in Cuba & Belorussia". About a month ago, a friend showed me a letter he received from the Wiesenthal Center, in which one, "Rabbi" Hier (rabbis "supposed to" demonize peaceful states for no reason?), stated the same thing about Cuba & Belorussia. I sent a polite email to that "rabbi", stating that I would be grateful for decent & honest answers to my questions. Of course, I got no reply from this political "heroic rabbi". So, as for Cuba, though there are no elections with thresholds there, which would prevent small parties from being represented in institutions, Cuba is still a peaceful country, doesn't starts wars of aggression & doesn't want to join NATO. In Belorussia there were free and fair elections, in which-unlike the US-the president won a clear majority, without "Nazis Vs. Jews" style propaganda.

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    I'm surprised that you couldn't find the information considering that it took me only 4 seconds to locate the information. All you need to do is to use any search engine and type in "Belorussia human rights violations". Here is a quote from one of the thousands of sites.

    "Keep Worst Abusers off Human Rights Council

    (New York, May 15, 2007) – The United Nations General Assembly should reject Belarus’ bid for a seat on the Human Rights Council because of its appalling rights record and consistent failure to cooperate with the UN, Human Rights Watch said today. Elections to the council will be held on May 17, 2007.


    “Given its track record of human rights abuse and its refusal to cooperate with the UN, voting to put Belarus on the UN’s premier human rights body defies belief,” said Peggy Hicks, global advocacy director at Human Rights Watch. “How can member states possibly justify voting for Belarus?”

    Council members are required both to “uphold the highest standards” of human rights and “fully cooperate” with the council. Belarus does neither. Electing Belarus would undermine the council, damage the General Assembly’s credibility, and deal a devastating blow to human rights defenders in Belarus and beyond, Human Rights Watch said.

    Belarus’ candidacy for the council has been opposed by a coalition of civil society groups from all regions of the world who see the election as an important test for the new council. Human rights groups in Belarus have courageously spoken out to urge the General Assembly to reject Belarus’ bid, and to remind states of the grim message a “yes” vote would send to human rights victims in their country. "

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    Please refrain from making such hateful and prejudiced comments on yahoo answers. You are clearly antisemitic, and despite the fact that many ashkenazi Jews drive mercedes benz cars and just absolutely love their caviar, your deeply prejudiced question offends my elitely educated sensibilities that I clearly deserve because I am a Jew. I find your question both odious, and offensive, and your obvious deep prejudice is, to say the least, primitive in its ignorance about other people, races, and cultures. Because after all, everyone knows the U.N. NEVER tells the truth, and what do they know about human rights anyway? Here is a quick answer for you; It makes the IDF's job easier, but I will not get into details.

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