Future together? Single fulltime Christian parents w/very little time..is it worth trying??

Met someone online 9 mo's ago. We spoke briefly-phone & then drifted apart. He contacted me 2.5 mo's ago. I responded. I did a background check & all is good. We began speaking via phone-2 wks. We met in person. We hit it off. It's really difficult 2 spend time together since we live about 40 miles apart & we've got responsb/children. We are both in our early 40's, married 2x's & fulltime single parents. We are much alike & want the same things. We are a great match. We've gone out together w/children & that's all good. We do not not want to depend on leaving children constantly w/baby sitters. Kids on both sides get along great. He suggested we alternate weekends in visiting each others home. That may make us vulnerable to sex. We both have very strong feelings f/one other. We have much respect f/ our children & rather wait. I want 2 know more about him-before I become more involved w/ him how can I tell he is really serious about our relationship? it's been a while since I've dated.

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    40 miles apart?

    You're both Christians, find a church 20 miles from each of you, in the middle. A large enough church will have activities for both of you, and the kids. You two could get more involved in the church, while you get to know each other better, and your children will be in a positive environment.

    You're both married two times before? Did you have sex before marriage each time? Did that help strengthen the marriages that failed?

    If he's really serious, he'd be perfectly comfortable with not spending the night at each other's houses. What sort of message does adult sleep-overs send to your kids?

    Don't worry about "dating," worry about making correct decisions. When you sense yellow flags -- slow down. Did you slow down in the past, or ignore warning signs?

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  • Anonymous
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    as a Christian i cannot condone re-marriage...nor can i condone


    best move on and stay single for Christ.

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