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Psychology- Actor-observer effect?

You go along with a crowd to watch “Return of the Killer Tomato That Devoured Cleveland.” As an example of the actor-observer effect, you are likely to believe that

a. Everyone else in the crowd is almost exactly as interested (or uninterested) in the movie as you are

b. The others are really interested in the movie, even though your main desire is just to be with the crowd

c. The others are less interested in the movie than you are

d. The people in the crowd will act much like the characters (including the monster) in the movie

I know that the actor-observer effect is the tendency to attribute internal causes more often for other people’s behavior & external attributions more often for one’s own behavior. Your an “actor” when u try to explain the causes of ur own behavior and an “observer” when u try to explain someone else’s behavior. We see other people as objects in our visual field & we tend to think that whatever we're watching is the cause of the action..


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    I think "B", Mostly to keep with the external/internal attributes. A and C, would put the external effects, affecting the crowd.

    A. puts the fact that their as intested as you, that would be an internal factor of yourself, so can't be that one.

    C. Does the same thing to becuase it bases jugdement again on your level of interest, another internal attirbute.

    The last one bases it assumption on the fact that everyone would share the same understanding of the movie, this would me that all parties envovled share the SAME internal attributes, and that this are effecting everyone equally, so really can't be that.

    B. ON the other bases your judgement on the internal attribute of an unversial assuption that they're all feeling generally the same about an external attribute. And also gives a primary internal attribute as a motivater.

    So if my grade dependent on it, I'd go with b just becuase I could turn around and explain my ignorance if I was wrong ;P sorry about the last question I answered, didn't know you were doing this for what seems to be your own educational benifit, I thought I was driven by an internal need to understand on your own. Which seems like I confused the attributes all up, man I most be crazy ;-) That would me you are external driven, BUT are using your internal attributes (maybe even including your own personal life experience as a way to motivate you, hence interal attribute), which is why I hate alot of the schools of psychology. The real world adds a much more complex dance then they'd like to believe....

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    The answer should be A., if I understand the actor-observer method correctly.

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