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What is venous insufficiency mean anyways? Can it Be Cured??

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My arrogant doctor says I have Venous Insufficiency my right leg but he gave no cure and prescribed compression stocking that hurt like hell ? They don't work and are very ...show more
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Venous Insufficiency is a chronic (long-term) problem. It is caused by valve incompetence; thrombophlebitis, causing obstruction of valves that regulate blood flow in veins. Small veins that have been occluded by a thrombosis may re-canalize (opening up new channels to re-direct blood flow). These re-canalized veins are inadequate and cannot correct the impairment of flow. However, larger veins may still remain occluded. When a thrombosis occurs the valves that regulate venous blood flow become thickened and incompetent, rendering them incapable of regulating back flow of blood. This valvular incompetence will cause an increase in the presence within veins (venous hypertension). Venous hypertension is responsible for most of the symptoms associated with venous disease. Superficial veins can become dilated causing varicose veins (veins that bulge and seem tortuous). Leg ulcers can be severe and are responsible for 100,000 cases of disability in the United States alone.

This site might be more easy to understand if you aren't familiar w/ CVI : http://www.debakeydepartmentofsurgery.or...

Good luck!

ETA: There are a variety of compression stockings. You might want to look online for another brand or perhaps, the size of the stocking was too small (??) You definitely do not want to let this go untreated in the event that you do have CVI and if you do have a reputable doctor, then I suggest you take the diagnosis seriously (not saying that you aren't)...or you can always get a second opinion.

Feel better.


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Thank very much. My problem was Celulitis and the ER sent me home because they thought nothing was wrong with me. All except my 107 degree fever (which lasted for two weeks). I got home and I swelled up like a balloon explain that to them later ! Will a PET Scan work to look at the veins?
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  • snowandsun answered 7 years ago
    I'm sorry you've been diagnosed with this. It basically means that the blood in your leg has a hard time circulating properly. I don't think there is a cure. Did he suggest anything in addition to the compression stockings, like anticoagulants (blood thinners)?

    I don't have venous insufficiency, but I do have a blood clotting disorder, and am prone to have blood clots (like you), and have an increased risk for heart attack and stroke on top of that. It sucks, I recently found out about it (I'm 32 years old). My hematologist told me to take a baby aspirin daily to help prevent clotting. It's not a very strong dosage but it does give me piece of mind to take preventative measures. Maybe you could ask your doctor if there's anything else you could do to help yourself, in addition to the stocking? Peace of mind is very important, I think, in situations like these. It was for me. Maybe baby aspirin, exercise?
    Good luck.
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  • Steve F answered 7 years ago
    What do your cholesterol, triglycerides, weight, bp, and diet look like? I've never heard of this until now, but w/o researching, it sounds like there might be a possibility of cholesterol and/or uric acid that's high. Uric acid leads to gout, basically it's crystals that form in the blood and hurts pretty good due to the sharp edges/points at a molecular level. From my experience, diet has a huge impact on preventing/reversing disease and especially if the medical community doesn't have a "cure" you might try alternative or going healthy.

    After a quick google search for "venous insufficiency natural cure" one of the more trusted results returned was http://altmedicine.about.com/od/healthco... That said, sounds like bp is high, caused by high cholesterol most likely. If your diet is not good, and cholesterol/plaque coats the inside of your blood vessels, decreasing available space for your blood, causing high blood pressure. It's like you've attached a water hose that's half the diameter that it should be. It's going to raise the pressure of the water inside the hose and it will shoot out of the there at likely 4 times the distance of a bigger hose. The same goes for your arteries, reduce the size of the "hose" and the pressure goes up causing other problems like CVI/CVD/vericose veins. Sounds like a simple problem to fix to me. Just choose health.
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  • CIZEK answered 5 months ago
    After 10 years of struggling with all sorts of creams and pills to treat this embarrassing problem I was able to get rid of my varicose veins by using natural healing methods and alternative herbal home remedies.

    Read Diane Thompson's "Varicose Veins Secrets" (also available in electronic format at: http://www.varicoseveinscure.org ). By following this guide book I was able to eradicate my varicose veins pretty fast. God bless!
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  • What is venous insufficiency mean anyways? Can it Be Cured??
    My arrogant doctor says I have Venous Insufficiency my right leg but he gave no cure and prescribed compression stocking that hurt like hell ? They don't work and are very expensive to buy. Help Me !
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