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enki asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 1 decade ago

Why are most TREASURES LOST?

is YOURS lost too... or simply HIDDEN?

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    1 decade ago
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    Because we do not crave something we already have.

    In other words...

    We dont "treasure" the things we already own. We dont know what we have until its gone.

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    The word treasure is a funny word. I mean, I think it is completely biased. Like, people think gold jewellry is treasure, or teenager girls might think that cute boy down the street is just a treasure. I mean, COME ON. What u have already, is that just nothing? See, its almost like my quote : Learn to treasure what you have before you HAVE to learn treasure what you HAD."

    I mean hey, we never really know huh, we just say that why can't I have that? Well sheesh, what about what u do have. And look behind u buddy, theres about a million people down the line that have much less than u. I think mankind is very greedy. It's like this. Take a poor person for example, they say... "wish i had some money.'' they find 100 dollars. then they say, ''wish i had a home.'' they get a house sooner or later. '' wish I could have a good job and be rich.'' they do in sometime. and after that these ''wishes'' for the treasure just keep growing. right to the end of there last breathe, which they probably use up to say.. ''wish i could live longer''. But you what, I think someone up there is very disappointed by them. He gives u everything u ask for, and that also for FREE, and ur demands just grow like a tornado. But remember, every tornado ends. And that's why treasures are lost, because U refuse to find them. BUT, the valuable things, the REAL treasures have always been hidden. Why? Because again, mankind is greedy and refused to accept what he has as what a needs and wants. It's always the treasure they WANT. Never the needs. I mean, everyone lives, wants or no wants. But needs, that guy up there gives those to u. And the wants, well, u find, one, then u WANT another.

    That's why most treasures are lost. Lost in the greedy little hearts of humans. And the real treasures, scared of the evil little hearts, just hide. And humans never think once to look back and find them. Of course, only when they realize that they are GONE, do they understand that they should have appreciated it.

    Source(s): Learn to treasure what u have, before u are forced to treasure what u had. - Stargirl.
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    Simply because most treasures have not been discovered. Ancient cities, Pharoah's Tombs, Incas, Dark Depths of The Ocean, all have treasures waiting to be discovered. The Titanic, for example, was one of the most vast findings in History. Little Do People Realize was a man find who was treasure hunting found the Titanic but didn't put claims on it, and other People came in and found it and did put claims on it. The original founder got nothing, and the other people became sudden Millionaires

    Proving my point that many treasures had an original owner who took care, shined and upkept the treasures. Many treasures are stolen, black marketed, hanging on peoples walls, etc

    In my honest opinon, I declare that most treasures are lost because the original owner hid them well, knowing the high value and considered thieves as a possibility. Take for instance, Estate Auctions, when the people are looking through the occupant's lifes earnings, people know that rumour had it that the owner hid large sums of money or jewels somewhere within the house or yard, but they are never found. Old people are paranoid about robberies, in the olden days, and hid their treasures in the earth. Nice story, huh?

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    I disagree with your assumption that they are lost. Read the Forbes list. Don't each of those people have a treasure? How many more people did not make the list but still have enough money to be considered a treasure?

    What of the people that consider treasure to not be money, but instead to spend a day at the park with ones children or some other seemingly inane activity.

    My treasure is neither lost nor hidden. I see her eat cereal every morning and tuck her into bed each night.

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    Our treasures are never lost, but simply hidden. We know that there are lost treasures out there, for example, Greece. We know that there is treasure there, but, maybe some treasures are not meant to be found.

    After all, the whole world can never be discovered.

    .........But we can still try.

    Source(s): Luna
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    i think saint d4 is right.

    also, i think that you can't enjoy your treasure (if your treasure is "hand-held" in a loose perspective) without being able to use it, and because we value and enjoy it once the treasure chest is open, we tend to spill all the gold back to the sea.

    Hence the common phrase, "It was good while it lasted"

    My treasures are hidden, therefore lost, because I cannot find them. I'm beginning to wonder if the hope of finding them is lost as well.


    If your treasure is lost or hidden though, sometimes it just brings out the more simple treasures (pleasures....whatever...heh) of life.

    The gold is there, but we're always searching for more, thus, the real, solid gold is viewed only as bronze and silver.

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    1 decade ago

    I think that the reason is that after a while people just forget about the things they lost. MY treasure is hidden all though write now it is slowly becoming discovered

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    The treasures we have are simply neglected because we got our eye on what we don't have. I think that in some cases many forget what is near is is just as valuable as what is far away. So many of us work so hard to get something(our plan is about getting it and never beyond that) that after we get it (whether it be a material object or relationship) we forget that it still takes just as much work to keep it as it was to get it. nothing is never easy in life and if it is than their is no real value in it is there? working hard to get something is what gives us that set of accomplishment and therefore we know the value but with no set of accomplishment we forget the value. HHhhmmm I'll admit some of mine are lost yes but that is more personal than I care to discuss but I can tell you I am working on finding it again and then their are some that are just simply hidden as well some by conscience choice and others by un-conscience choice. The answer in to finding it is not only having it lost or hidden but recognizing that it is gone or hidden in the first place. Lovely question enki, hope you are doing well. please take care. HUG and many well wishes for you.

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    I do not think true treasures can be lost. It is possessions and our things that are lost. Our real treasures are hidden until we discover what they are. So let us all be diligent in looking for OUR own personal treasure in life.

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    When we find a true treasure most of us are too vain to properly keep it and the universe takes it away to humble us, as the knight from the castle of the Grail legend. The only treasure I have now is humility.

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    1 decade ago

    I would hope that my treasures are always hidden hehe and never lost that would be the optimist in me to hope to dream and love despite my pain and tears of disappointment of how I wanted things to turn out with all my heart and they did not :((((

    As far as treasures being lost I think they were never ares to begin with but for some reason we assumed or wanted to believe that they were........................

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