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太陽系中, 哪些行星或衛星可以support life?

Make a complete list of places in the Solar System (planets and/or moons, not counting the Earth) that may be able to support life in some form. Explain why you think so. Please answer in English. Thanks.

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    To our knowledge, only Earth is able to support life.

    Venus has around the same size as earth, but its acid rain and high temperature made life impossible.

    Mars is also another option, and the Americans are now searching for life on this planet, so far, no proofs has been found.

    Titan (好似係土星的衛星) is also another good choice, it has water-like methane, ice and volcanoes, but it is still unexplored (not exactly unexplored, the cassini satellite has scanned it) as it is very far away.

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