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What will wearing high heeled shoes do an 8 year old girl's feet?

Back, spine, and hip bones? What is wrong with these young mothers? Just got back from the hospital, and at the shops the other day,and saw two little girls, teeteering, hardly able to walk, in tiny high heels. No more than about 8 years old? Have we gone mad?


But will she marry a prince or be too crippled when she grows up.

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    High heels can damage an adult, nevermind a growing girl! I refuse to wear the horrible things and I am a 27 year old woman.

    I'm also a mother and there is no way that I would ever let my 8 year old wear anything "sexy". But, I have seen it plenty of times. Little girls wearing half shirts, mini-skirts, low riders, etc. It is really disgusting and parents who allow that are not being parents in my opinion.

    How are girls supposed to have any respect for themselves when they are taught at such a young age to flaunt their bodies? Today's world just keeps getting more and more outrageous. Pretty soon, NOTHING will be taboo.

    It makes me pretty sad. But, there is not much to be done about it. All I can do is teach my children properly and hope that they listen.

    Good luck!

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    A girl that young should not wear high heels at all. That is hard on their young tender bones. If the girl wants to wear them to play dress up once in awhile, I think that is fine, but only for just a little while, 30 minutes or less. If the mother or who ever thinks it is fine and ok for the daughter to wear them for a long time, then THEY need to put them on and wear them ALL day, even when their feet hurt so bad. I know some lady's that wear them to work and off they come as soon as they walk in in their house. What does that say. High heels do do damage to your feet and back.

  • Sue F
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    Completely mad. These are the parents that are letting the kids run the household, instead of the other way around.

    No young child of mine would be going around dressing in a sleazy manner or dressing like they are all grown up, when they are not.

    Improper footwear at a young age can cause all kinds of problems to the growth plates in a child's feet, let alone the damage that can be done from falling or spraining an ankle. You are also putting a lot of strain on the child's knees and hips and spine with poorly fitting shoes or heels at a young age.

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    Shes only 8, has she even reached puberty? If I were you, I wouldnt let anyone where heels like that until shes at least in high school. And ask her why she has to wear heels. Have you had a friendly talk with her? Whatever you do, dont yell/scold her. It will make her wear them even more. And tell her its not trendy for an eight year old. Buy her magazines for her age? Good luck!

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    At age 67, if I had known what wearing high heels would be doing to me now, I'd never have worn them.

    I wore 3 inch heels all day, every day for years and years. Today, bunions, bad knees, bad ankles, bad toes, hips, lower back. And, guess where the arthritis has settled? Yup..... knees, feet, hips, lower back.....

    I haven't worn them for about 10 years now - but the effects don't go away. My poor lower body has been permanently deformed.....

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    Again - the demise of the rights of passage! I was 12 when I got my first pair of cube heels...they were short and wide and I thought I had arrived!

    I was 16 before the first pair of high heels and wore them throughout my life until '92...when I changed jobs to one with casual dress. Over time I discovered I could no longer wear them as my calf muscles had shortened by NOT wearing them.

    I have read where they do untold damage to muscles, tendons, feet, back and posture.

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    Plastic play ones are ok for at home, but for REAL heel shoes on children??? I would think it would be terrible for there feet. I just don't understand what some parents are thinking these days. Poor Kids.

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    I have seen the "play" heels for kids, they were plastic but can't imagine a manufacturer making such tiny shoes. My friends daughter used to clunk around the house in those heels when she played dress up

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    my mother brought me a pair of high heeled shoes when i was about 9 and i begged and begged for them.

    under no circumstances would i let my little girl of 8 have a pair.

    i am certain that they caused my bunions and endless foot problems and i am now 32. i buy my girl trainers and the flattest pair i can find!

    i am disgusted that we try to make our kids like mini adults....and would you beleive me if i told you i saw a thong for a 10 year old on ebay a month or so ago!! i had to re-read the advert to make sure i wasn't imagining it!

    its sad, and i intend to keep my 8 year old as much of a child for as long as i can.

  • Kels
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    When I read this question I couldn't stop laughing. I kept trying to visualize third graders in high heel shoes. In my opinion they look like mini prostitutes. No one should allow a child of that age to wear high heel shoes.

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