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這是其中考的報告 真的不想被當

所以 麻煩大家的幫忙囉 真的很謝謝

但 不可以用翻譯軟體翻哦 因為翻出來的句子會很奇怪

下面是要翻譯的文章 謝謝囉!︿︿






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    Steeping the soup is the culture that Japan possesses singly, and Hokkaido because volcano too much, the amount of hot springs is high to take the lion's share among the whole Japan, in various hotels, almost fish-eye hot springs public baths, as long as stop over free enjoy use of, wash to the fatigue of on the travel.

    Ascending doesn't is the most well-known hot springs country inside Hokkaido with hole Ye, among them, a few large hot springs hotels all own 20, even more than 30 hot springs public bathses, let the person be able to enjoy fun of steeping the soup heartily.

    Stay at hot springs hotel, you can come to steep soup so:Just went to hotel, let go of baggage to go first a big public baths to enjoy;The bathing completes, make change hotel prepare of the bathrobe(thinner and more simple Japanese kimono) flap about to take a walk a trophy store, then enjoy use of the fork supper in the hotel slowly;(generally speaking, hot springs sightseeing hostler accomodation the fees all included sooner or later two meals)Before sleeping, certainly is be relax, steep soup heartily most inning.The 2nd day morning faces before setting out, might as well make a tour in public baths again some kind of, see to still have which kind of hot springs the pool haven't steeped.

    In addition to hot springs hotel, Hokkaido's ising more is the open-air hot springs which is filled with wild Qu, is in the by the lake perhaps, is in snow ground perhaps, may even be in the valley.Other seem big city Cities, such as Zha Huang and Hakodate...etc., the suburb also all has bubble soup, the person who likes hot springs doesn't miss Hokkaido.

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