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英文翻譯…麻煩一下了! !!~!

The pattern of thought described so insight-fully by Slat and which is so necessary for those who wish to simply ignore the myriad problems and suffering inherent to oppression is also an integral requirement for the maintenance and perpetuation of the secrecy which surrounds the machinery of oppression.:﹝…﹞

If you do not see the victims of cruelty and can explain cruelty away and live with the destruction comfortably,you are adrift…

Philip P.Hallie, Cruelty

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    Philip P.Hallie, Cruelty

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    想法的樣式由是很必要的為那些希望簡單地忽略無數問題和遭受固有對壓迫並且是秘密維護和永存的一個缺一不可的要求圍攏壓迫機械:? 。。。的Slat 那麼通透地描述和? 如果您沒看見慘暴的受害者, 能解釋慘暴和與破壞舒適地居住, 您是漂流... 菲利普P.Hallie, 慘暴

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