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    Marlon Wayans :

    He bacame what Matha Luther King or XX James was to our generation ,you know what I mean that when Pac talk you listen .He has such an effect in a short time he was here on the generation of the culture of hip pop .

    Will's wife :

    When you hear Pac...boyz ,it is something abuout his voice that just grab you .


    You know I always had a different stand,you know I always taking the heart feeling the words that he was saying it .

    50c :

    He uses a lot about his life on his music ,I do exactly ....


    2 Pac was a means lyrics why is it can be heart felt as soon as you hear him .


    I think it is honestly 2 Pac,was the greatest song writer i have ever heard.He made the singing so easy but you still can connect with you the emotion was all & picture that he was trying to paint .and if there is a little of me ,that's ,you know that's what i pick up from him

    Will's wife:I think he reaches a lot of white audiences because that passion is not black or white .when I met 2 Pac,he owns 2 pairs of pants and sweaters .when I in his house he has a matress on the floor ,no sheet .When I say poor i mean poor he has nothing .


    listening to him make you see that this is another side and reality ain't always the ,you know,glamourous side of it .


    is so big likes everybodyis taking someting from his music .

    Marlon :

    I am proud of him .His existance now has, you know he is one of the greatest character has ever,the guy has ever written .


    I kind of like him and it gonna never be nothing like that again .

    Will's wife:

    There is nobody ,nobody like that man .I dont care how many record you sell .I dont care how popular you are ,there is no comparison ,none,and i dont know when there are ever would be .


    I wish that my son was here .and he could go and lie down in my bed and come out or my room and say mom will you cook .i miss him i miss my son .

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