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● the attraction of local power structures and public organizations to solve the problem of health improvement in a growing generation.

The health promoting school model means the wide usage of training programs and other teaching actions:

● seminars, conferences, meetings, competitions, exhibitions and other forms of discussion on sanitary pedagogical directions, hygiene etc.

● assistance form innovators in the area of teaching, child-rearing and shaping healthy children, broadening of their experiences and adaptation and realization

● the development of active forms of teaching and child-rearing (role games, group discussions, etc.) on health education issues.

Community assistance and parental activity is very important for the efficient running of a health promoting school. So, our model represents the healthy way of life, and demonstrates the necessity to have the parents' involvement in fighting against gypodynamics, malnourishment, alcohol usage, etc. The activity in this area includes:

●a cent organizing public talks for parents on topics like“The family as a main factor in health formation”,“Health as a component of harmonically developed personality”,“the introduction of sanitary and health improvement information in the family”, etc.

●regular sports competitions“Father, mother and I are a sports family”,

●actions promoting healthy lifestyle and prevention of addictive behavior.

The health promoting school model means great attention to the influence of the school environment on children’s health. The school environment has aesthetical and psychological effects on pupils’ and teachers’ health. We think, that health and wealth of teachers and other school employees are important parts of school spirit which influence health. The school sets an example for pupils.

The necessary component of a successful programme is the active participation of the children in: a variety of health improvement programs


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    公共協助和父母親活動為促進學校的健康的高效率的賽跑是非常重要的。 如此我們的模型在作戰代表健康生活方式,并且展示必要有父母的介入與gypodynamics,營養不良,酒精用法營養不良、酒精用法等等。 活動在這個區域包括

    5.分組織的公眾為父母在題目like⠀ œ在健康形成談家庭作為一個主要因素健康作為組分和音 被開發的個性有益健康和健康改善信息的介紹在家庭等




    的健康。 學校環境有審美和心理作用在學生并且老師健康。 我們認為,那健康,并且財富老師和其他學校雇員是影響健康學校精神的重要部分。 學校樹立一個榜樣為學生。

    一個成功的節目的必要的組分是孩子的活躍參與在: 各種各樣的健康改進方案

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