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In Taiwan, decided the date of marriage needed to spend several days. The bilateral guardians turn the calendar, even to look for deity help to ask Buddha, the date after decided also has very many matters to have to be busy, for example subscribes the bride cake, sends wedding invitation, tries on the nuptial dress and so on. Did the bride cake take several, which kind of bride cake to want,

wedding invitation to have to send for who, the content must write any, the nuptial dress design and so on can different tow quite several days because of the bilateral opinion.

Taiwan has a special custom, is usually can first become engaged is marrying, I think possibly to be because has the matter not to want such early to marry wants to give an opposite party pledge, only then can such do, may give him a pledge to enable him to be allowed to feel at ease, is very actually good, also may test has a look two person of appropriateness, kills two birds with one stone Arab League.




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    In Taiwan , it takes several days to decide on the wedding date, which will require parents of both families to leaf through the lunar calendar, or even ask deities or Buddha for it. Afterwards, it still leave lots of things to be done, like order of wedding cakes, mailing wedding invitation, trying on wedding dresses, etc. It will take several days to reach an agreement, owing to different opinions from both parties on the order quantity and kind of wedding cakes, who to send the wedding invitation, what contents for the invitation, and what design of wedding dresses.


    Taiwan has a special custom, that is usually getting engaged first before wedding, which I think it possible for one party to make a commitment to another before an early wedding take place owing to some account. Such a commitment is really nice as it can make both parties feel at ease, let alone put both to the compatible test, which is really ‘killing two birds with one stone’.

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    In Taiwan, deciding the date of marriage would take several days. The parents of both sides would refer to the lunar calendars, even asking for opinions from temples and shrines. After the date was decided, there are many other works to be busy about. For example, ordering the traditional wedding cakes, sending wedding invitations, trying out the gawns and so on. Further delays would occur as the couple trys to decide how many cakes to order, what kind of cakes should be ordered, who shall the wedding invitations be sent to, the content to be written on th invitations and what styles of wedding gawns shall be worn.

    There is a custom in Taiwan , as couples would have to engage before getting married. I think it is done possibly because they do not want to get married so early but would like to give a commitment to one other. This is actually god as the couple can see how suitable they are together, like killing two birds with one stone.

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