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1.What would happen if you had so much solvent in the developing flask that it covered the application spot?

2.What would be the effect of packing a chromatographic column evenly?

3.chromatographic column實驗中,亞甲藍液和甲基橙那一個是靜相,那一個動相?

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    1. If the spot is covered, that means the spot is soaked in the solvent. Those compounds on the spot will be dissolved by the solvent.

    2. The peak shape will be sharper and more symmetric. It is easier to explain if the column packed unevenly. We could suppose the analyte molecules are arranged a single layer disk. While those molecules going down into the packing material, some will touch the stationary phase earlier, and some of them will be late. If one molecule touch the stationary phase earlier, that means the column length is longer to this molecule. Every molecule will goes through column in different length, the retention time for them will be different, that the reason the peak shape will be wider and sometimes it will be assymmetric.

    3. 這要麻煩你列一下實驗步驟.

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