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請幫我翻議成英文..謝謝!! "請勿用翻譯軟體"


結婚是人生大事,也代表著兩個家庭的聯結。婚禮最初是以「交換禮品」的形式出現。 贈送禮品是穩定性關係的手法,是使男女關係轉變為長久性婚姻的方式。

我國古代婚禮的步驟: 在周朝,婚禮儀式有六個步驟。 第一,稱之為納采。就是男方會到女方家向她家人詢問並且求婚。 再來是問名。 意思就是男女雙方的家人商討婚期。 第三,稱做納吉。 男方家會前往女方家,並且讓新郎新娘相見。最後的步驟,稱為親迎。 男方會再結婚那天前往女方家迎娶。

現代婚禮是,許多人在結婚儀式中也不大遵循古禮。 他們偏向於西方的小型婚禮型式。例如:穿著西式禮服,遵循台灣古禮完成結婚儀式。

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    My responsible part is about the wedding ceremony. It is a major issue in life to get married , represent connection of two families too. The wedding appears in form that exchanges gifts at first. It is the tactics of stabilizing the sexual relations , and the way of making the relations of men and women change into the permanent marriage to give the gift. Step of the ancient wedding of our country: In Zhou dynasty, the wedding ceremony had six steps. First, call it and pay adopting . The husband will go to the wife's home to inquire her family and propose. And then come to ask the name. Meaning is the family of men and women discuss wedding day. Third, is called and received luckily. The husband's family will go to the wife's home, and will let bride and bridegroom meet each other. The last step, is called and gone to the bride's home to escort her back to wedding. The husband will get married and marry to the wife's family before that day again. The modern wedding is, a lot of people do not quite follow the ancient gift either in the ceremony of getting married. They lean to the western small-scale wedding modelling . For example: Wear the Western-style full dress , the ceremony that follow the ancient gift of Taiwan and finish getting married.

    真的很難 = =''

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    I am responsible for the section on wedding etiquette.

    Getting married is an important event for everyone. It is also a

    representitive of a union of two families.

    Exchanging gifts is a way of establishing a good relationship, thereby

    turning into long-term relationship.

    In ancient time, a traditional wedding ceremony had 6 steps of

    procedures : first, an "acceptance" meaning the groom will come to the

    bride's family to "request" the permission to wed the bride.

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    my responsible portion is about wedding ritual (ceremony)

    結婚是人生大事,也代表著兩個家庭的聯結。婚禮最初是以「交換禮品」的形式出現。 贈送禮品是穩定性關係的手法,是使男女關係轉變為長久性婚姻的方式。

    getting married is an important for everyone, it represents a connection of two family.

    initially, wedding ceremony is started by "trading gift". giving out gift is start for a stable relationship. it turns a normal courtship into a long term marriage relationship.

    我國古代婚禮的步驟: 在周朝,婚禮儀式有六個步驟。 第一,稱之為納采。就是男方會到女方家向她家人詢問並且求婚。 再來是問名。 意思就是男女雙方的家人商討婚期。 第三,稱做納吉。 男方家會前往女方家,並且讓新郎新娘相見。最後的步驟,稱為親迎。 男方會再結婚那天前往女方家迎娶。

    in ancient time, my country's wedding procedure :

    in dynasty of "chou", weddign procedure has six steps

    first, we called it "acceptant" meaning the man will come to the woman's family to "request" from them and also propose to the lady.

    secondly we called it "ask name" meaning the couple's family discuss about the date of marriage.

    thirdly, we called it "choose the goodies" the man will go to the woman's house and let the couple meet.

    lastly, on the wedding day, the man will go to the woman house for wedding arrangement.

    現代婚禮是,許多人在結婚儀式中也不大遵循古禮。 他們偏向於西方的小型婚禮型式。例如:穿著西式禮服,遵循台灣古禮完成結婚儀式。

    presently, a lot of wedding ceremony do not follow the traditional.

    they tend to follow western simplify wedding ceremony, such as wearing western gown and follow taiwanese traditional way to perform wedding ceremony...


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