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my puppy.....?

likes to eat his poop...why do you think that is?

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    Actually there is no scientific answer to this often asked question. It is more of a common issue with dog owners than people may know.

    There are many theories on why dogs do this that range from attention seeking behaviors to dietary problems. None have been proven. However, the best solution is to clean up after the dog and teach your dog a good "leave it" command!

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I'm a Dog Trainer/Behavior Therapist 8 years
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    On a TV show i was watching said they do that because when they eat really fast all of the food doesnt get all the way digested and when they poop it smells like the food. She said if its wet food to add a little bit on pineapple b/c it will make the poop taste worse. Hope it helps!

    Source(s): Tv show It's Me Or The Dog
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    Behavior problems.

    Is he a new puppy, or did he have a previous owner.

    There can be a long list of reasons, but it is a little bit of an emotional problem - poor thing. Just try to discourage him (not punish), and keep the poop cleaned up.

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    When i went to the dog trainer while my dog was a puppy, my dog did that too. i asked both the trainer and the doctor and the answer is that they mite not be getting enough nutrition and that i should change her food. i suggest somethin like nutronuggets or nutro something... all i kno is that it has nutro on it and the bag is green. Eversince i changed THE food, she hasnt eaten her poop.

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  • Take a look at his diet, if he is getting poor quality food he will be more likely to eat his excrement to try to make up for the nutrients he is missing. If he is eating things like Purina or Ol' Roy or almost anything from walmart he needs to be on a different diet.

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    Dogs do sometimes. But you can get things to put on their food that makes it taste unpleasant to the dog, and that sure fix it.

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    I think it is the same with rabbits. They reeat their poo to get more nutrients from their diet.

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