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Antropov,Schneider,Harding for Justin Williams and Markov?

Antropov,Schneider,Harding for Justin Williams and Markov

Looking to upgrade at RW- little depth at position-

currently playing guerin

My current d- Schneider, murphy, streit, mccabe, and whitney

depth at goal- broduer, nabokov, harding and osgood

ok at center- h. sedin, toews and statsny


will markov/montreal powerplay hold up this year?

will carolina offence/williams hold up?

Antropov will not sustain anything close to pace, right?

Is Guerin to old/risky to depend on in a 13 team league?

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    DO IT DO IT.

  • 1 decade ago

    Make it. It's definitely a great deal.


    1. Antropov will not sustain his current pace (you are right).

    2. Schneider is good but he could be injury-prone.

    3. You have excessive goalies.

    4. Markov is at least as good as Schneider and Montreal's powerplay should not be a problem at all.

    5. Justin Williams has been very good and it's likely to remain that way.

    6. Guerin is not at his prime.

    All in all, this trade WILL help you tremendously.

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    1 decade ago

    Make the deal IMO.

    Markov's a premiere D and MTL's PP will stay strong. It's how they score.

    Williams is significantly better than Guerin, and CAR is back in Cup Contender form, at least for an Eastern team POV.

    As for Antropov. I'd be incredibly surprised if he kept this pace up all year it'll drop, I have trouble seeing more than 60 pts out of him. He's sorta injury prone also and once Bell, Welllwood and Tucker are back he may drop down on the depth chart.

  • 1 decade ago

    Make the deal

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  • 1 decade ago

    i say do it. but i only got one problem. schnieder, when healthy can put up the points. but, when healthy, he has had 2 recent big injuries, broken wrist in the playoffs vs. san jose and broken ankle. so do it i say.

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