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Has anyone breathed pure oxygen in a sauna?

Responding to a friend’s query about the potential for O2 depletion in my sauna, I did some quick volume calculations. While everything figured ok, I started wondering what would happen if I pumped in O2 to breath. Having some chemistry background, it looked like it would be a good deal.

I picked up an O2 concentrator and ran a line into the sauna. The results seemed fantastic – I could stay in the sauna longer due to the lower temp air in my lungs (sweat volume per unit time seemed unchanged from normal sauna, and BP and pulse were in normal sauna range), and my energy level was very high. On those “mornings after the night before”, it seemed that my blood detoxified quicker (carbon monoxide from smoke would be easier to remove under high temp and O2 concentrations.)

While I’m pleased with the results, I’m not sure if this is all a placebo effect or the real deal – I’ve been doing this for over a year now. Internet searches only talk about O2 and O3 for the skin in a sauna.


I use a nasal cannula at about 3-5 l/m. there's no concern over an explosive atmosphere due to high O2 levels.

Update 2:

I haven't found any sources that warn about O2 toxicity when used for an hour or so.

Update 3:

The concentrator has a water bubbler, so the air has humidity.

I've always been a sauna hog - 1st in, last out. With the O2, my stay is about doubled.

Update 4:

I use medical respiratory tubing, so contamination is not a concern (cheap on ebay). It runs along the floor of the sauna where the temperature is a chilly 100 F (vs the ceiling at 195). The last 10 minutes or so, I take the cannula off to fully heat up my insides.

I’ve used a couple O2 sources – I can’t see that it matters, so get the cheapest (but ensure the output, both for O2 and cleanliness. You also should use a humidifier)

Because the length of stay is longer, I do take extra water soluble vitamins to compensate for additional sweat losses.

Please post any findings – I love to hear about other experiences.

I’ll leave it to you folks to pick the best answer; I liked several of them.

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    Additional details in reply to what you said...

    Could you "link me" or something to the oxygen generator you used?

    And if you're using medical equipment for tubing that should be fine. You seem to have thought this out quite far ahead, so I definitely want to know what O2 source you used :P


    That sounds like an incredibly good theory, and I'm kinda bugged I never thought it up :P

    My only caution to you would be the type of material you use to make the line. If its new plastic, it will leach "toxic" fumes into the oxygen, and that is bad for you. I know a couple of peolple who tried running lines all the way down to the bottom of a pool so they could stay underwater for a while, and they got sick from all the plastic discharge that went it (so they ended up buying a steel hose for future experiments).

    As far as the oxygen goes, you can't get sick off that. It's impossible, and anyone that claims otherwise is lying. If you continually breathe pure for a long time, you will get a minor oxygen high (aka why oxygen bars exist), but not much else.

    You are also spot on, it should assist you with detoxification a lot.

    Considering how fanatic people in the alternative health movement are about the subject, and the fact that the three primary methods of detox are a) oxygen stuff b) saunas (infared or normal) and c) nutrition, I'm pretty suprised that no one thought to combine the two.

    So yea, that's about everything I can say. Very good idea, but you should know since your body told you. I'd like to ask though, could you show me what model and method you used for oxygen generation so I can try this out at my own sauna?


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    Sounds like a good idea to me. The O2 will help counteract the toxins in the steam water and in the steam as well.

    I use creek water and stones in my sauna, so a little more O2 would be nice.

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    No, breathing pure oxygen won't kill you; your body needs it to function at the most basic of levels.

    technically; your lungs like the warm moist air.

    now, with the case of the sauna; the heat may be too much, causing your upper airway to swell a little bit, but I've never truly had trouble breathing in a sauna unless I was out of breath to begin with.

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    I've never tried it, but simply breathign cooler air sounds real nice. I have asthma, and have to get out for a minute or so every ten or so because its hard on my lungs breathing air that hot.....I wish I could stay in longer.

    Anyhow - it sounds like a cool idea.

    Be well

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    In Earth Science, I was taught that breathing pure oxygen could kill you. Of course, that does not necessarily mean that's true, especially since I went to a NYC public high school, but it definitely may be, especially since the teacher is really enthused when it comes to earth science, and he of course actually had to go to school in order to teach.

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