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Why do people....?

why do people have a hard time keeping secrets?

why do people make up rumors?

why do people betray you when you dont do anything to them?

and dont give me they are just jelousl i want to know the real reson why?

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    "why do people have a hard time keeping secrets?"

    Because teenagers specifically LOVE gossip, and when there is big news going around the school then they can talk about it instead of focusing on class. Some certain people actually CAN keep secrets though.

    "why do people make up rumors?"

    Because they LOVE gossip as I said before, and if they have stuff to talk about then they don't have to endure boring ole school. And they can talk to their friends like "Hey X, did you hear X about X?" other friend says, "No way, did that really happen!?", person 1 says "I dno't know but that's what I heard!!" and the other friend believes it.

    'why do people betray you when you dont do anything to them?"

    Some people (specifically girls from what I've seen) LOVE drama and love to see other people fall because it boosts their confidence. Which is stupid, because it shouldn't, but it does.

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    Hello it is not just teenagers. It is because they are jealous and the best way for them to try to get closer to being on the same level as you is to make everyone think something bad about you. So after that, no matter if it is proven not true, it will always be in the back of other people's minds. You have something that they want and they have to get you out of the way some how. It is power to make other people feel self conscious about what people might be saying about them, it chips away at your self-esteem and can change the way that you think about yourself. That is the why behind jealousy. Hope this helps.

    Source(s): I am a Psych major
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    I don't really know why, but I personally hate this too. I tend to try to avoid it by ACTUALLY keeping my mouth shut. I have some friends who are awesome friends, but can't keep a secret to save there life. I guess they think life is to boring, or people have to know this. I dunno.

    They make up rumors cause there pathetic lives are boring, or so they think. So they try to make it more 'interesting' by ruining ours.

    Same as above, or u did something to them and didn't even realize it.

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    people make up rumors because they have no life. hey, think of it this way, at least some body is thinking about you, which means you are more popular than you think. i've been hurt by my best friend of 4 years. one day she just stopped talking to me...seriously, no exageration. it's weird. don't worry too much about it, because it's just a waste or your time and energy. from now on, don't tell anyone your secrets.

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