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I am going to Austria in a few months with a tour group and was wondering what to expect. I mainly want to know what kind of food to they eat over there, about their money currency, and what kind of souvenirs they sell over there? Does anyone to a site where to browse what souvenirs they sell over there?

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Thank you for the help,



Sorry I misspelled the name. I will be going to Australia here is the link to the tour I will be going on: http://www.gct.com/gcc/general/default.aspx?oid=17...

And thank you everyone for providing me with great information and links.

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    Thanks for planning a holiday to Australia!

    Before you arrive in Australia you need to know about the information on what you CAN NOT bring into Australia.

    Please visit the Australian Quarantine website:


    For information about Australia itself please visit the Tourism Australia website which has information on Australia and about each state and territory in Australia.

    Tourism Australia:


    For information about each state and territory please visit the list of tourism websites for each area of Australia.

    Australian Capital Tourism, Canberra the Nations Capital:


    Tourism New South Wales:


    Tourism Victoria:


    Northern Territory Tourism:


    Tourism Tasmania:


    Queensland Tourism:


    South Australian Tourism:


    Western Australian Tourism:


    These websites will give you information on what's on in the area that your visiting like events, festivals and you can also book accommodation online on their websites as well.

    If you have any other questions about Australia please feel free to contact me anytime and I'll be happy to help out.

    Thank you

    From Clint

    Discover Australia:


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    You are talking about God's Own Country aren't you??? Australia?? not Austria??

    Do you remember the Sydney Olympics?? Well that was here in Australia not so so long ago. We are an English Speaking Country. We have some strange native animals (including us human varieties) like kangaroos, emus, koalas. We are the biggest Island Continent in the world. Our currency right now it's in dollars and our one dollar at the moment is worth about 92 USA cents so values there are pretty equal sort of. This is a big country and I'm not sure which state or states you will be visiting. We are usually very friendly people and don't put tickets on ourselves. We are good at laughing at ourselves and mostly have a great sense of humour. Many Americans don't "get" our sense of humour as we are more like the English people in this regard. We have outlets like Big Mac and all that and we like outdoor eating in good weather BBQ's. Re souvenirs maybe boomerangs, koala toys, spoons (sydney harbour bridge, opera house). We have great native flora and fauna and the odd deadly spider (like funnel webs) but not a worry really. Hope your group is going to explore the Australian Outback including Uluru a huge monolith in the Centre of Australia.

    You will love our Great beaches too. Just do a Google Search on "Australia+Souvenirs" to give you more ideas.

    We are very big on slang and you will probably be greeted sometimes with the expression "Gidday" meaning Good Day.

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    Are you going to be coming here, to Australia or to Austria in Europe? Where ever you're going I hope you have a wonderful time.

    If the answer is Australia, can you tell us where you'll be going within Australia.

    That information will make it easier to answer your question.

    We have much the same food here as most Western countries.

    We use Australian dollars, the websites below have information and images of our banknotes and coins.



    All sorts of souvenirs are available from cuddly toy animals to didgeridoos. Akubra hats are always popular with tourists, as well as locals.

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    to be honest with you Athena you won't have much trouble getting aussie souveniers if you are visiting a main city. lol, they are made for tourists! there is souvenier shops galore along most main streets in the main cities. The usual ones are didgeridoo's, stuffed kangaroos/koalas, boomerangs etc etc. Food is very multicultural, you also shouldnt have a problem with that. This is the best country in the world (even if i am being biased!) and im sure you will have a great time and love it as much as all us Aussies do!

    Source(s): Proud Aussie
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    That 21 day tour sounds like you'll see more on NZ then Oz, carins to sydney Isn't a lot of Oz, try and see some more esp. WA and SA, you'll see more outback then city. Travelling the east coast you'll just see lot's of American embassys (MacDonalds)! But it is the greatest place on earth.

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    Are you serious?

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