I want to advertise my links in PTC or PTR?

I am searching PTC or PTR site that can promote effectively with reasonable cost. Any suggestion?

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    1 decade ago
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    It’s rarely an instant return on the Internet. You need your website coming up relevant to what people "search for" on the Internet. It takes time to get placement in the right places within the Internet and if you're listed in the right category of searches you stand a better chance of returns. The following is one of the better ways.

    For a small charge you can have a “Permanent” website advertisement placed in an index such as this in a choice of around 750 categories to target your business trade.

    This will raise your website profile and increase its chances of extra sales because this site is indexed by the search engines placing your site within public searches.

    The advantage of a site like this is that you don’t have to update your listing again.

    For a permanent ongoing promotion:


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm developing a new website that will be paid-to-review, it will launch in a few days time and will be heavily promoted all over the internet - keep a close eye on puppies game dot com. You will get to choose how much you want to pay for advertising.

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