question about web servers?

I'm confused about web servers. When would a company need a web server? I know that by just having a web site, you could let a domain host it. Is there any limit to when a company should have a web server? Why can't an average company let a domain host their site?


hmm....makes a little more sense. Can you give me an example to what you mean by this?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A company needs a web server to host any web site. An internal web server on the local (internal) network can cater to company's web site or sites for internal use.

    For external use, i.e. on the open Internet, the company needs to own a domain, get static IP and host the web site on an external web server.

    An average company can surely host their own domain and own web site easily and cheap too.

    Actually, it's not too expensive for an individual too to host their own web site from their house!

    Take care.

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