What are some common phrases in Arabic spoken in Saudi Arabia?

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(In the English alphabet, please.) =)

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Phrases not words?


1. Mafi mushkila !.... No problem!
2. Ish hada?... What's this? (Basically being said to somebody who had done something questionable?)
3. Muk mafi.... No brain ! (This is usually said on whisper by the person and normally he is the only one who can hear)
4. Ya sadik !... Hey my friend !
5. Kam hada? ... How much is this?

And the word I normally hear .. but does not have any idea at all ... is " agulak"
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  • Andy answered 7 years ago
    Tell me where you are, i will be there to teach you.
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  • 123abc123abc answered 7 years ago
    La ya shekh = said with sarcasm to show you don't believe them.

    or la ya shekha if it's a girl

    couldnt understand what loolita is going on about. sound slike shes from riyadh or something?
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  • Nora answered 7 years ago
    SALAM....peace (greeting)
    KAIFK?..how are u?
    TAIBA(1) or TAIB(2)..fine [(1)for female and (2) for male]
    ELHAMD LEALLAH ..thank God
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  • ♥ ummTalal♥ answered 7 years ago
    khelas (like saying thats enough)
    tayib (ok)
    habibi or habitbi (friendly or love)
    I dunno these are our fav words, lol But theirs a million so hard question.
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  • DB9 answered 7 years ago
    yaaaaaaaaakolak haba haba

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  • je answered 7 years ago
    Try to google common phrases in Arabic.. It is not an English Alphabet it is roman..or you could type in common Arabic phrases in roman phonics.
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  • loolita answered 7 years ago
    la bellah----- really
    tsadeg 3ad----- to tell u the truth
    ma3a nafsuh------ with him self( if some one will do what u don't want to see)
    mashi al7al----- good
    teslam---- thanks
    lek wella le al theeb----- (4 u or 4 the woulf--- to say will u do??and the person wil say: wekhasa al theeb ---- means I will)
    ma3endak ma 3end jaditi----- don't know about that..


    when I remember I will complete it
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