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Family Eye Color Survey.?

This is a Survey for AP Biology, please anwer the following Q's:

1. What is your eye color?

2. What are your parents' eye colors?

3. What are your grandparents' eye colors? (Please lable which ones are your paternal grandparents and which ones are for maternal grandparents)

4. Eye colors of your uncles and aunts and their kids, if you have any. ( Please lable clearly to indicate which kids are from which which parents)

Thank you for your help!!!

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    1. Green

    2. Dad, green. Mom, blue-green.

    3. Paternal - both green. Maternal - brown and blue.

    4. This might get complicated.... OK Mom's 1st sister - green, her son - brown. His father had brown eyes.

    Mom's 2nd sister - brown, her kids - blue, hazel, and hazel. Their father has blue eyes.

    Dad's brother - blue, his kids - blue. Mother has blue eyes.

    Dad's sister - green, her kids - blue, brown, and hazel. Father has brown eyes. Dad's brother - blue, his son - blue. Mother has blue eyes. Dad's other brother has either blue or green I'm not sure, and no children.

    Source(s): That was different =)
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    1. Brown

    2. Both Brown

    3. All 4 are Brown

    4. All 14 aunts and uncles are Brown

    All 12 cousins are Brown

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    What are your hair/eye colorings? mild brown/Blue What are your mothers hair/eye colorings? crimson/Blue what are your dads hair/eye colorings? Brown/ Blue what are your siblings hair/eye colorings? N/A in basic terms toddler What are your spouses hair/eye coloration? Reddish brown/gray what are his/her mothers hair/eye colorings? Blonde/ gray what are his/her dads hair/eye colorings? Reddish brown/ Hazel what are his/her siblings hair/eye colorings? Blonde/ gray what are your little ones hair/eye colorings? Reddish/ Blue

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