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How to prevent a call?

I keep on getting calls from some random number on my cell phone. It periodically happens. If I say anything when I pick up, I hear a BEEP as a responce. Is there any way to prevent a number from calling me? And if its possible, is there anyway to track where the person lives?


For every piece of s*** who answered me saying " DURRRR STAR SIXTY NINE" You think I havent tried that? When I call back and talk it beeps just like when it calls me.

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    If it's a beep, it's a computer calling you. The way cold calling works is that a computer dials the number, and transfers it to an operator when you answer. if there are no operators free, it hangs up and will call you again at a later time or date, until there is an operator free to take the call. your cell phone/service provider should have a telephone preference service, and also if the calls are persistant should offer a service to trace the source of the calls, under the nuisance calls laws. Good luck

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    i do no longer think of they are able to evade them. An officer will consistently could circulate to the scene in simple terms in case. this question jogs my memory of a time i replace into in a police station. This woman got here in with 2 youthful young ones approximately 4-7 years old. at an identical time as she replace into on the front table speaking to the police officer he won a telephone call from the 911 operators telling him that somebody replace into calling 911 from a payphone interior the station. properly the little darlings that they weren't have been those calling 911 and putting up....LOL I say those 2 young ones have been given extremely a spanking while mom have been given them abode...

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    Hi Chum,

    There is an easy and a tough way.

    The easy way starts with you...Did you harm anyone or win over any one? Do you have debts to repay?Do you have unresolved issues.? Do you have enemies?

    The tough way is ...always answer the call.Atleast that way the sucker gets to lose some money.

    The medium way is to get another number.

    Source(s): the network of mobiles.
  • yes go to your cell phone company and block the number, and if you want to know where they live, right after they call you call the police station and they will trace it

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    *69 - call last number who called you

    *67 - block your number on outgoing calls

    Some cellphone companies let you block numbers, Check with your local provider

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    Go to the police if this has been on for a while then first the next time they call say " hey if you call me one more time i am calling

    the police" if they call again go to the police please

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    Turn off thy phone

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    Get yourself on the do not call list so telemarkerters dont call you.

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    go to your phone service place. For example, go to the fido shop or the rogers place.

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    *69 dumbo

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