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Can someone help me with regards to cuban cigars?

What are the different types and what are good ones? what sort of price should you expect to pay for them? Whats the difference between the different types?

I want to buy some for my dad but dont know what to get! lol thanks


I didnt realise it was illegal, a friend just informed me. Is it just illegal to buy them or sell them as well?

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    Watch out for Bootlegs (Common) and ATF P.S JFK got 10,000 cigars delivered to himself (Cuban)the day he signed the law.

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    it is not legal to buy them in the us do to a trade embargo with Cuba there are very many good ones get a copy of cigar aficionado and you will see some rated and judged but you will not find them by the way you do know that thy do not make them with weed and that is why thy are illegal rite that is a myth

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    often times the stuff you see advertized at cubans aren't really cubans.

    a guy i know knows a lady in miami and she gets them for him.

    he just received a box the other day for a customer of his and they were about $130.

    you do realize that buying cubans in the US is illegal, right?

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