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Did the Holy ROAMIN' Empire use acrostics to encode religious messages?

The ROAMIN' Empire was quite clever.

I would even call them genuises.

Many of them used hidden messages.

Even this message might have a code.

The ROAMIN' empire had to encode messages.

Otherwise, its opponents would attack.

ROAMIN' peoples love codes.

One code they used was an acrostic.

Acrostics are a specific type of code.

Messages in acrostic form are read by reading the first letter of each line.

So who's in?

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    I absolutely love codes.

    And I've spent

    Much free playing with them

    I cant see any reason to say


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    Woo Hoo! count me in

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    Of course I'm in!

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    Indeed, there have been many peoples who could not practice their spirituality in the open for fear of persecution. They still managed to elude the authoritahs, however.

    I enjoy a little cloak and dagger...

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    i can't say they must have...


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    Honestly, I appreciate the effort, but that must have taken you a while....

    I'm in.

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