Anyone know anything about reverse mortgage?

My in-laws are getting on in years. 75 and 73. They are struggeling to keep the house and pay bills. I've see the commercials for reverse mortgage, sounds good to me but they would make is sound good in a commercial. Can you tell me if this is a good thing? As long as they get money to live on while they are still alive, that's fine. We don't care if we inherit the house and such. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Reverse Mortgages are a good option for some, not all.

    There is a formula that calculates their age & value of the house to determine what $ amount they could get.

    You can only have a small loan on the house or paid off.

    They require a minimum standard for the condition so repairs may have to be made if needed.

    They can be fee heavy and there maybe better options.

    Here is a Q&A

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    There are a number of sources to turn to for answers on this question. Search the web for complete information, but...

    I think a reverse mortgage can be a good thing. Having been in the mortgage/finance/investment world for the last 15 years, it isnt necessarily bad, as long as you keep a few things in mind...

    In order to do a reverse mortgage, there has to be equity in the property. Typically 30% and better. A reverse mortgage will lend people money for whatever they want, and when they die or move out of the house, the house gets sold, and the bank gets paid first.

    My own parents will be approaching this in the next 5 years or so, and i expect that we will do this for them as well. So during this process the owners get to live rent free in the house, kinda. The mortgage that has been taken out, continues to accrue interest. So it is not free, and the owners are still responsible for the taxes and insurance payments on the property as well as all the typical bills. So it isnt getting rid of all the bills, but can make living in their home so much more comfortable financially...

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    Is a reverse mortgage good? It depends on their situation. After they pass away, the house will go to the bank. I would speak to a Real Estate Attorney for advise, they would also need to amend their wills.

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    Reverse mortgages are fine if you understand all the implications. I suggest you consult with a financial advisor or tax attorney. Make sure their wills are up to date.

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    In the UK we tend to call this kind of arrangement an equity release scheme. Company's like offer services like this.

    There certainly are negative aspects to equity release but if you're parents want to stay in their home yet are struggling for money and have equity in their home it may be worth considering.

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    Reverse mortgages are great, i would put my own grandparents in them. read more about reverse mortgages,

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