Recurring Mastitis and yeast inf... guilty for giving up breastfeeding, & how do I switch to formula?

2 month old boy

I am slowly VERY slowly decreasing my pumping I haven't had any engorgement but now I'm on my 4th case of mastitis and I've had a yeast infection since I started BF. I've taken every kind of med and every precaution to prevent this, 14 days of Diflucan only worked while I took it. Mentally this is taking a toll on me and stressing me out which in turn does not help my marriage although my husband is very sweet and supportive I've become a raging B*tch.

How do I change to formula slowly or cold turkey? I have lots of frozen milk.


My son never latched so I pump and I'm very strict when cleaning my parts.

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    Hi! Breastfeeding did not work out for me the first nor the second time. For some people it just doesn't work out well. It isn't your fault and you shouldn't feel guilty about it. You are going through a lot of hormonal changes now and this is the reason you are having infections and maybe even emotional ups and downs. I had a really hard time with my first born. It was such a huge change to my body and the sleep deprivation didn't help much either.

    My advice, quit cold turkey don't slack off or phase off with the pumping. The mastitis is probably coming back because of the decrease and it will be better just to stop completely.

    Wrap your breasts or bind them if possible. Do not allow them to be stimulated as it produces milk flow. If you can't bind them, then try wearing a very tight sports bra. It will stop the milk. When you become engorged don't massage or rub them. Put some cabbage leaves in your tight bra and it will help the swelling to subside.

    Believe me I speak the truth and from experience. If you try to gradually stop etc, it will just make the pain worse. What you are doing is clogging the ducts by decreasing your flow which is causing the swelling and severe pain. If you stop all together your body will naturally bounce back and within two weeks you should be dry. This will also help with your emotional ups and downs too. Because your body produces a special hormone that produces milk it also effects your emotional reactions to things around you -even the guilt which you described. Don't worry! You and your baby are fine and nothing is wrong with formula feeding. In fact it is just as good.

    Another very important thing is that you have to address some of the infections with your OB/GYN. Post-partum a lot of hormonal problems can happen and there are so many ways to fix that and make your life better. If Diflucan isn't helping then it probably is not a yeast inection you are dealing with. It is probably BV (bacterial vaginosis) that occurs from irratic hormones that are up and down frequently. It could be something else and this is why you should talk to your doctor about your discomforts because there could also be some underlying hormonal problems causing it.

    I had a lot of irregular and sometimes extremely heavy bleeding that lasted for 10 weeks solid whenever I was 20 weeks post-partum. For some reason everything went haywire, so my dr put me on some hormonal therapy that actually stopped my bleeding indefinitely and it has also stopped the vaginal infections that I had over and over every month. Metro-gel really helped me a lot too but I haven't used it once since I started these new hormones. I had my tubes tied, so I really don't care about ovulation or having periods because I am done. But in your case getting on a birth control pill or maybe even getting some depo-provera injections may be to your advantage and will help regulate some of those problems with infections.

    I've done all of this twice and had lots of female problems so I know what I'm talking about.

    Your baby will get plenty of nutrients and vitamins from formula. Start him on Nestle GoodStart or any off brand similar to Similac ingredients. That's all he needs.

    Use up the frozen milk ASAP and then when you get down to the last few days of formula start offering one bottle of formula in between. It will phase him into it and he should adjust fine. It's the same stuff that hospitals use for bottle fed babies and they do fine.

    Try to get some sleep. Also the advantage of having him bottle fed is that your partner can help with feeding while you nap. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Don't run yourself ragged from the master suite to the nursery, instead move the bassinette/cradle next to your bed. That way you can comfort him while you are resting too. You can also change him on your bed, just have his changing things handy with a little diapering pad, lay it out and do it there instead of running everywhere.

    You are going through a lot of hormonal changes and it certainly won't hurt for you to have a sleeping pill before bed. Let you husband know that you are taking one to get some rest because your hormones are raging and it is keeping you from sleeping properly. Take half of one if you are scared you'll sleep too heavy. Turn on the baby monitor or better yet lay the baby near your bed and you'll hear him if he needs you.

    Follow your instincts with your son. Don't let everyone boss you around. You are a new mom but you know your baby better than anyone because he came from you! Take care of yourself. Run a hot bath and lay him next to the tub in his bouncy chair or carrier. Relax. Paint your nails, fix your hair. Make time for yourself too because you need it now more than ever. As long as he is fed, clean, and has toys to soothe and busy him, he'll be fine.

    If you need any help or advice at all, you just e-mail me at I have had two babies 13 months apart, I'm a military wife who knows what its like to live alone for several months at a time with little ones. I can help you with any worries whatsoever. Take care and bless your little one.

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    Recurring Mastitis

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    WOW you pumped for 2 months. That is awesome. Most would have givin up long before now even without the problems you have endured. I breastfed all 4 of mine over a year but they latched well. I had a couple bouts with blocked ducts and mastitis with my youngest, but other than that no problems. Don't know if I would have stuck it out if I had to pump and bottle feed.

    As far as your ? goes I always recomend a gradual transition from breast milk to formula. Has your son had formula before? Sometimes babies don't tolerate formula well. The gradual transition makes it easier on his digestive system as well as his taste buds. There is a big difference between the smell and taste of breast milk and formula. If you have tons of milk in the freezer I would recomend gradually adding formula to the breastmilk> Try using the ready to feed formula at first so you can mix small amounts in without a lot of waste. Try to time it to so the breast milk in your freezer doesn't get wasted either.

    If you want to try to keep up with breastfeeding I have some suggestions for getting rid of your mastitis problems. A lot of times when you exclusively pump it doesn't fully empty all ducts which causes one or more ducts to get blocked. Are all of your mastitis infections in the same area. Mine were. The same duct kept getting blocked and infected. Once I started switching the baby's position often she was draining that duct better. After feeds I would manually express that area to completely empty it. Have you tried varying your pumping positions and methods to better drain the affected area. It might help. It sure helped me.

    Good luck in what ever you decide and congrats again for all the hard work you have done so far.

    Source(s): lactation consultant and mom of 4 breast fed babies
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    Yowch!! I feel sorry for you, you have done a great job with 4 cases of mastitis!! I know that you can get rid of thrush naturally by keeping off foods that have yeast in them, like bread. You can get sourdough bread that is a good substitute. You need to keep away from sweet foods too, because sugar feeds it. I have found that there is yalkut on the market and another product called Inner Health that has good bacteria that helps to balance your insides, that helps to get rid of it. The mastitis can be helped by a natural method which is to have a cold cabbage in the fridge, and breaking off a leaf at a time and putting it inside your bra. I know it sounds gross, but it works wonders and helps to dry up the extra milk. If these things don't help and you want to give up feeding, by all means use all the natural milk you have because it has great antibodies in it which help to protect your baby and it is the best food a baby can have so try to go off slowly if you need to. Do you have a Breast feeding Mothers Association nearby? They can help you if have troubles too and are a great resource. You are doing a great job, but the thrush won't be helping you to deal with anything. All the best Mother of five:)

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    Dont feel bad, I cant imagine the kind of pain you are dealing with. I felt kinda bad when I got a bad bladder infection and I had to quit breastfeeding my son cuz I dried up so bad. But it is ok. Use your frozen milk and start introducing formula slowly if you can. You are sure a trooper. You did the best you could and just be ok with the change. Your baby got your immunity, so you dont have to torture yourself like that. I know that these breastfeeding gurus are gonna give you a hard time, but dont think about that. You need to have some quality of life too. You are a good mommy.

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