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Do You Know About The CIA, Cocaine, And Bill Clinton?

And How the CIA laundered millions in drug profits from Mena and paid for Clinton's 1992 election campaign?


In part one of this article, we examined a CIA-supervised

cocaine smuggling operation based during the '80s in Mena, Arkansas. We also detailed evidence of then-Governor Clinton's role in suppressing evidence, mishandling federal funds, even blocking a congressional level investigation into the affair. While Clinton's at-least tacit role in the Mena cover-up continues to this day (he has yet to authorize any investigation into the charges), behind the scenes are highly secretive, quasi-independent elements within the US intelligence community who are handling the actual machinery. In a high level deal between the National Security Council and the Medellin cartel, millions of dollars were paid to Felix Rodriguez, the CIA's commander at El Salvador's Ilopango Air Base, and others (including Manuel Noriega) in exchange for access to the CIA pipeline for Medellin cocaine.

Update 2:

In this conclusion, we examine the secret network which laundered the Mena drug money. We also find that these same covert bankers, with close ties to BCCI, financed Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign. [It should be noted that since the publication of part one, this writer has learned that Buddy Young was appointed by Pres. Clinton to head the Dallas Regional Office of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Young was Governor Clinton's chief of security, and the man who framed Terry Reed for trying to quit the Mena operation.

Update 3:

FEMA, of course, is the agency empowered to sieze control of the country in the event of martial law.]


There is one estimate that Barry Seal ran as much as $100 million worth of cocaine a month--$1.2 billion a year--through the Mena airbase.

Update 4:

Former Mena pilot Terry Reed has testified that large sums of money were being laundered through leading Arkansas banks and bond brokers (a pattern of investment also being examined by a federal investigator just as his researches were abruptly terminated).[1] For a period, he says, satchels containing $10 million in laundered cash were airdropped weekly at the airfield. These funds did not include other secret bank arrangements.

CBS News correspondant Bill Plante has said that there is trail of "tens of millions of dollars in cocaine profits [from Mena], and we don't know where it leads. It is a trail that has been blocked by the National Security Council."[

Update 5:

But despite the efforts of the NSC, there actually is a pretty good indication of where the money went (beside's the Secret Team's pockets). Money from CIA drug smuggling operations is known to have been laundered through BCCI, a massive transnational mega-bank set up and run to launder "covert funds" for intelligence and criminal clients.[3]

Coincidentally, BCCI has extremely deep roots in Arkansas. In fact, President Clinton has ties with some of BCCI's top shareholders. Most of the money for Clinton's 1992 campaign came from these people. They are the same people who were also raking in fortunes through companies which were supplying the Mena operation. In plain words, President Clinton was elected with money from CIA guns-and-drugs operations.

Update 6:


One business in the CIA's Arkansas network was Park-on-Meter, or POM Inc. Based in Russellvile, AR its current annual revenue is estimated at $18 million.[4]

Commercially, it produces parking meters and machine parts. Covertly, it was manufacturing untraceable custom weapons parts for the Contras and shipping them to Mena. POM had subcontracted the job from a CIA front called Iver Johnson's Firearms

(now bankrupt), of Jacksonville, AR

Update 7:

Former CIA scientist Michael Riconosciuto[6] has told reporters that he was closely involved in these covert arms operations at POM. He claims that he supervised high-tech equipment transfers to POM, and had developed software to help launder the Mena drug money.[7]

He also says that POM manufactured external fuel tanks for C-130 transport planes.

This would have allowed the massive cargo planes to travel the long distances to Central and South America.[8] He also claims to have worked on fuel-air explosives specifically for use in the Contra war.[9] But Riconoscuito's most disturbing allegations concern his work in developing chemical and biological weapons in a project connected to POM.

Update 8:

He says that in 1983 the company, in conjunction with the infamous "private" police force Wackenhut and Stormont Laboratories in Woodland, CA, began production of the delivery system for the new chemical and biological warfare CBW weaponry for use in the Contra war.

He claims that POM was to receive chemical agents from the 354th Chemical Company of the Army Reserve, located on property across from the corrugated barn housing the POM facilities, for use in small explosive devices made with the same equipment POM used to produce parking meters.[10]

When contacted by journalist Alexander Cockburn, Stormont Labs acknowledged only "discussions" with Wackenhut about biological weapons. Wackenhut denied ever working with POM.

Update 9:

POM pres. Seth Ward admitted that the company had defense contracts, but only for "re-entry nose cones for the nuclear warheads on the MX missile and nozzles for rocket engines," not CBW weapons. Ward also falsely denied that POM ever accepted any money from the ADFA.



Update 10:


Fact: of the known BCCI assets in the US--approximately $60

billion--only $1.9 billion was ever located by investigators.

Fact: Despite pleading guilty to 31 felony counts--and the

missing $58.1 billion--BCCI paid only a simple $15 million fine in the United States, in a deal offered by Attorney General Richard Thornberg in 1990. (Thornberg was succeeded by William Pelham Barr, a "retired" CIA employee.)

Update 11:

And you could say Jackson Stephens had close ties to BCCI--he was the one who brokered the very arrival of BCCI in America in 1977. He is an old friend of former Carter official Bert Lance and was investment banker to Lance's National Bank of Georgia. Stephens introduced Lance to Saudi billionaire Ghaith Pharaon (who, fronting for BCCI, would later buy the National Bank of Georgia) and to BCCI founder Agha Hassan Abedi. SEC documents show that Stephens also steered Abedi to take over First American Bankshares in Washington DC.[29]

Update 12:

In 1990, another BCCI investor, Abdullah Taha Bakhsh, doubled his stake in Stephens' Worthen National Bank to a $10 million share. Worthen National is a Stephens-owned bank which extended a $3 million line of credit (at a lucrative rate of interest) to Clinton's presidential campaign in January 1992. (The Stephens family itself donated $100,000 to the Clinton campaign.) Later, Worthen became the Clinton campaign's depository for $55 million in federal campaign funds.

Update 13:

Last year Worthen National and Stephens Inc. were under investigation by the Federal Reserve last year for federal banking and antitrust violations. The investigation centered in part around misleading documents filed to the Fed in 1984 by William H. Kennedy 3d. Kennedy is now associate White House counsel and formerly the head of the Rose law firm.

And when former Whitewater special prosecutor Robert Fiske showed up in Little Rock, Worthen had a mysterious fire in which important documents related to the case were lost.


Update 14:

The congressional Iran-Contra committee noted that then-CIA

director William Casey wanted to establish an offshore entity capable of conducting operations in furtherance of US foregin policy that was "stand-alone"-- financially independent of appropriated funds, and, in turn, congressional oversight.

Casey got his wish. The CIA was used BCCI and a complex offshore

financial system to set up its own unregulated, private, foreign policy apparatus.

In this way, it could ignore Congress and carry out its own political objectives throughout the world.

Update 15:

There is no question that BCCI was intimately involved in

covertly funding the decade's most heinous secret wars. "Black funds" travelled through BCCI for the Contra war, the Iranian-Israeli payoffs, and large covert wars in Afganistan

and Angola.

Since its inception in 1972, BCCI was born and bred to move

billions of dollars of blood money with no one seeing it. Time magazine wrote of the bank, "Superlatives are quickly exhausted: it is the largest corporate criminal enterprise ever."

Even enemies were apparently welcome at the trough.

Update 16:

A 1987 intelligence report by the French security services, later supported by US Congressional findings, stated that "BCCI had commercial links with Abu Nidal and front companies set up to finance his radical Palestinian group. The report also said Kuwaiti embassy officials paid $60 million into Nidal's BCCI account in London in 1987.[31] (This would have been around the time of the first Persian Gulf "Crisis", when Kuwaiti ships were reflagged as American and escorted by US warships.) The bank also maintained "cozy relations" with Libya, Syria, Iraq, and the PLO.

Update 17:

BCCI shareholder/frontman Abdul-Rouf Khalil is known to have

Saudi CIA connections, and frequents the office of the CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia.

The chief attorney for BCCI's powerful legal team was Clark

Clifford, a former Secretary of Defense and advisor to four presidents. His influence stretched even into the Federal Reserve. When Clifford was tried and convicted for his role in BCCI, Clinton himself pardoned him, ostensibly out of concern for the old man's health.

Update 18:

Perhaps most significantly, the US Senate has investigated the role

in BCCI of former Director of Central Intelligence Richard Helms. Helms aided the 1978 takeover attempt of First American Bank on behalf of BCCI Ltd, Georgia (Stephens' bank deal).[32]

Richard Helms was the Deputy Director of (covert) Operations at the CIA in the 1960s, under Nixon. Not surprisingly, his projects included the Laos operation, which first brought together the Secret team which would later wreak such havoc in the '80s.

Helms conducted the CIA's Chile campaign, climaxing with the assassination of Salvador Allende and the installation of Pinochet's fascist military state.

Helms was then CIA Director in the '70s. He later served as the US Ambassador to Iran. He joined the Shah's payroll and declared himself an agent of a foreign government after retiring.[

Update 19:


Not surprisingly, the sprawling BCCI transnational bank network

has been directly

linked to the laundering of CIA drug money.

John Blum, a former chief special counsel for the Senate Foreign


Committee's investigation of BCCI chaired by John Kerry, disclosed that the US Dept. of Justice "failed to act" on substantial evidence of money laundering, including a Chicago operation that dated back to 1985.[34] Blum also said that in 1988 he met BCCI employees in Florida who detailed drug-money laundering activities by the bank. He said the Senate knew about the use of BCCI by Manuel Noriega to launder large sums of cash.

As part of the CIA drug network, Noriega received millions of dollars in kickbacks from the Medellin cartel, laundering $90 million of it through BCCI.

His credit was such that BCCI executives routinely took him and his mistress out for extravagant nights on the town, running up tabs of $100,000.[35]

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    Yes,There Are Several Links Pertaining To These Smuggling Operations Throughout The Internet Including The Murder Of Vince Foster.

    Before Bill Clinton These Operations Were Headed By George Bush SR. And Since Bill Clinton Was Chosen To Take His Seat In The White House Gov. Clinton Was Recruited Into The Bush Crime Family.

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    So you are saying that the CIA was allowed to fund Clinton's campaign while George Bush, former CIA chief and republican, was the sitting president? That's just a stupid suggestion.

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    I think you need to get out more.

    First, not many have the time or patinece to read through all you have posted.

    Second, Links ?

    Third : Doubtul. Trust me, the FEC and GOP watch dogs

    would have detected it - unless they are all getting paid off.

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    CIA doesn't endorse presidential campaigns in our country. try again

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