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請問什麼是on the fly?



有沒有強者能大概告訴我這是什麼意思? 我看了好久還是看不懂


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    On the fly


    Our Webster's New World Dictionary reminds us that the term probably originated with bird hunting and shooting birds on the fly (rather than on the ground). The dictionary says simply ""in flight" and adds a colloquial meaning of "in a hurry


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    Sean的答案是正確的, 但和你的那篇網頁 有些出入. . .


    "For example, the content of a page that is sent to you from a Web site can be developed (and varied) "on the fly" based on dynamic factors such as the time of day, what pages the user has looked at previously, and specific user input."

    2007-11-18 08:25:52 補充:

    這是網路上Cookie的應用. . . 應該先了解Cookie是做什麼的, 去讀這篇 就比較容易了解了

    2007-11-18 08:35:51 補充:

    Cookie的概念呢, 簡單的說, 就是你在上網時"足跡". 去過的地方會被記錄下來. 這樣呢, 該地方就能知道你喜歡的東西是什麼, 逛了哪些東西, 進而傳一些你喜歡觀看的資料給你. 而on the fly就是傳送給你這些資料的方法. 基本上是自動的. 有程式會分析, 有結果後會自動判讀並寄出相關資料.

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