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希望各位了不起的英文家 可以幫我做修改

因為我ㄉ英文真的很差 學校老師又強迫我一定得寫出



我能翻ㄉ已經盡量翻ㄌ 但我知道文法大錯特錯

希望大家能行行好 幫助我這個可憐的大學生


從小到大我最喜歡的運動就是乒乓球,因讀國小時曾經參加過學校的校隊,打了將近3年半的球,而慢慢培養出興趣,雖然國中以及高中時期學校都沒有校隊,但對於乒乓球喜愛的程度絲毫不減少,直到考進了**大學,得知系上有乒乓球系隊,於是滿心歡喜的參加,一打就打到大四,雖然期間我也加入過橄欖球隊,但發現唯一最愛的還是乒乓球,至於其他的興趣就跟一般人一樣,像是聽聽流行音樂.看好看的電影.玩玩遊戲….等. My favorite sport is table tennis since I am a child. Because has ever joined the school team of the school while studying in the primary school.I play one year half ball nearly,and train interest little by little. Though the junior high school and the senior high school school didn’t have the school team, it did not reduce to the degree that table tennis likes at all. Until I study in the *****university, (learn that ties department team of table tennis, then a dozen of participation filled with joy is made to great four). I have joined rugby team during the period, but I still find that table tennis was my favorite sport. As for other interests being the same as common people, as if listen to the pop. See interesting movies. Play games ,etc..

再過將近一年的時間,我就是社會新鮮人,而未來我想要邁向**之路前進,在校外實習的時候,我發現英文在各地是無所不通,想要與人溝通就要有基礎的英文口說能力,我覺得我在這方面還需要多多加強,因此我必須不斷的學習,我目前一個禮拜會抽出三天讀***與中級字彙,這樣的努力下,我希望在畢業前能有明顯的效果。Time when it is nearly one year since, I am the social fresh people, and I is it march toward ******way advance to want future, when practise outside school, I find English is not obstructed in all parts, wanting to communicate with people will have English mouth of the foundation to speak ability, I think I need to strengthen more in this respect, so the study that I must be constant, I will spare three days and read the English and intermediate glossary of***** in one week at present, under such efforts, I hope that there are obvious results before graduating.

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    My favorite sport has been Table Tennis since i was a kid. Because i was in the school team in primary school.I have plaied nearly three and a half years of ping-pong which built up my intrest pices by pieces. Eventhough there weren't any ping-pong teams in my middle and high school, it did not stop me from playing table tennis.Untill i started studying XX university i was told that was a ping-pong team. I was also in the rugby team for a periode of time, but I still find that table tennis was my favorite sport. Except from table tennis my hobbies are like the rest of the people from my age, which are: listening to pop music, seeing interesting movies, playing game, etc.

    我就先幫你翻第一段.....我陷在應該是要寫功課的但是我真的血不下去了=.=所以來幫你依下...假如你還需要幫助的話就加我的yahoo f555788

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    Source(s): 滿多人在上面討論求職英文翻譯的事
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