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太陽系中, 哪些行星或衛星可以support life?

Make a complete list of places in the Solar System (planets and/or moons, not counting the Earth) that may be able to support life in some form. Explain why you think so. Please answer in English. Thanks.

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    In the solar system, currently there are nine planets and many satellites. The planets are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Naptune and Pluto (but Pluto has been "plutoed" last June). From recent scientific studies, Mars is able to support life in some form. Astraunauts have brought back some rocks and dirt from this red planet and identified that there might be water before. Some scientists even think that the life on earth came from Mars! With the modern progress in technology and astronomy, people are trying to figure out a way to establish space colonies in the other planets, because there are too many people on earth and they produce too much pollution.

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