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    Close call at railroad cossing

    I could still remember that day seven years ago. It was during after-work peak hours, I was driving my 8-month-old daughter home after a visit to her doctor. There was plenty of traffic along the way. At the railroad crossing near Tainan Sheng Kung Girls' High School, I was moving at snail pace behind a group of motorcycles and bicycles trying to cross rail tracks.

    Suddenly, the alarm at railroad crossing started to sound. "Dang! Dang! Dang!" I thought to myself, "this is bad, I am not even halfway through." I kept sounding my horns and shouting in hope to get the motorists ahead move along quicker. Unfortunately, there were too many of them, I couldn't move any quicker. I even accidentally bumped one of them. Yet, all I cared about at that moment was to cross the tracks as soon as possible, one way or the other.

    And then, the gates were lowered. "Holy shit!" My car was sitting stuck on the tracks between the gates. I looked back at my daughter sitting quietly in her carseat, not understanding the commotions around her. Motorcyclists just looked on, but no one tried to help. I forgot to breathe.

    Just as I was about to abandon my car, one teenage girl lifted the gate and signaled me to pass. That was like handing a drowning person a stick. I floored the gas and got out of harm's way. As I was slowly back to my normal self, I realized that I didn't thank that teenage girl.

    Even though it has been 7 years, I have not been able to shake the memory of life-death situation at that railroad crossing. I don't think I ever will. My biggest regret is, not being able to thank that girl personally.

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    hehe.... they don't let me write s h i t.

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  • 小蔡
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    1 decade ago

    Road junction is(that) it write to frighten

    At what has been still remembered seven years ago over five o'clock on the the afternoon of the somth, on the occasion of coming off duty the moment , I turned on car-mountedly at that time the daughter one month old finished watching the disease planning to go home, on the way, there are a lot of cars, at the time of the nearby road junction of the holy work women in Tainan, because in the front motorcycle and bicycle burst all, I has to with want road junction of adopting behind.

    How to know the mouth suddenly sounded “Don ! Don! Don! ' sound,I think,finished, I cross and is less than half! Have to honk suddenly , lean out the head and invite the preceding motorcycle knight a bit faster, but ahead motorcycle really getting too many, at all on , bump against a motorcycle even because of carelessness soon, but can not attend to the state bumped against either, only want to pass the road junction quickly .

    Slow , quick at that time while saying, the bar has already been put, my God! I just park and can not advance and retreat car in the middle of road junction, I am looking at the daughter sitting on the automobile seat obediently, knight of road junction everybody think I with eyes open, nobody stretch out assistance, my heart nearly stops beating .

    When I plan to abandon the car , suddenly there was an annual girl about 15 years old, redound the bar, wave and say to me: ' go over quickly! ' I at that time, like the star such as saving, it is passed fast that the throttle is stepped on , while frightening I in a cold sweat to calm down mood gradually, just think of forgetting to express one's gratitude to that girl.

    Nowadays although already seven years later, but unable to forget this section pay the memory imprisoned like life and death, the ones that felt sorry are, it is unable to thank that girl face to face.

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