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What gives with all these older women molesting young school boys?

this is very strange, is there some cultural fluctuation to explain it, or has it always been this way?

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    My question is... Where were all these hot teachers when I was in school? I never got any of that one-on-one attention!

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    Certainly women will never rival men as the molesters of children, but still I'm going to have to go with Gnu on this one. As the mother of a boy, it's pretty disturbing to me when anyone tries to negate the phenomenon or deny the emotional harm that this causes to boys.

    It sickens me that grown men project their sexual fantasies into a situation where kids are being victimized. While the recent reporting may be driven partly by sensationalism, it IS happening and it may be underreported.

    Molestation isn't a game, a porn movie or an MTV video, these are future men being victimized. We'd all be better off if they were allowed to grow up with healthy views of women and sexuality.

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    jeff A, unfortunately, people like Ronnie and ire are "what gives". Men like Ronnie want to trivialize the victimization of men and preserve their stereotype of men as always ready, eager, and willing, and suffering no emotional harm. Women like Object want to always insist that women have exclusive claim on being victims of sexual abuse and will always dismiss incidents as a "blip" - you'll notice that the idea that THIS may be grossly underreported doesn't enter their minds.

    Notice Object is always about getting empirical data when it comes to women being abused, etc., but when it comes to men, she assures us that we can "safely assume" things. Interesting that.

    Unavailable, does that rule work in reverse as well? Must we always mention female abusers whenever male abusers are mentioned? Just checking.

    And why must we mention male abusers? Object has assured us that we can "safely assume" that men do it much more to females, so apparently that's common knowledge.

    BTW, I'd LOVE to see the reaction if a man said "Don't worry too much about it" concerning women being sexually abused.

    Sarah, thanks for the sane and sensible views. While I do STRONGLY suspect that men have and still do outnumber women as molesters and rapists (and CERTAINLY do as VIOLENT rapists), I am also informed by my mom, a Psycho-therapist who treats sex abuse survivors, that's she's increasingly having male clients with female perps. And she's hearing similar things at conferences.

    It IS anecdotal, but it is enough to make me hesitant concerning what we can 'safely assume".

    Unavailable, did ANYONE say it was FEMINISTS molesting boys?

    I am not offended by the suggestion that males molesting females outnumber females molesting men. As I said, I strongly suspect it's true. I do however question the idea that we should never ever report discuss women committing crimes without an obligatory, "By the way, men still do it more".


    Wolf makes a good point. Two of the individuals who have received coverage have displayed behavior that would definitely suggest a BPD diagnosis (But don't forget that Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a differential diagnosis there.)

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    I really think its just being talked about and publicized. Sadly... Which men with young girls are not...other than locally. In the past year there have been two men fired within 60 miles south of here for "inappropriate conduct" with a female student. There was one accused just north of here but was dropped once it was taken to court. The rumor was the mother of the child was seeing the accused man and was upset at him.

    Did you happen to hear about any of those though?

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    why don't you ask about the countless male perverts? perverted folks come in all packages, you can't call out the ladies without calling out the men as well.

    EDIT: Gnu, all I'm saying is that abusers come in both sexes. yes, that rules works in reverse-i address abusers, not their sex.

    sure, boys get abused. do i think it's wrong and sick? yes! i have a young son. however, you cannot honestly argue that more teenage boys get molested by women than teenage girls get molested by men! as a matter of fact, the majority of molested kids male or female are molested by men. I'm sorry if that offends you. am i saying that all men are molesters? of course not!

    does that mean it's OK for a woman to molest a young boy? hell no! i get a little peeved on this site because many trolls post questions like this. molestation and sexual abuse should not be trivialized into a "boys against girls" argument; we should address the topic as a disgusting part of our society that needs to be fixed. pointing fingers at others does nothing and making it into a "look at those dirty feminists, molesting our boys" argument doesn't help either.

    EDIT: arrgh!

    I'm not trying to say "men do it more" even though they probably do. my point is that it SHOULDN'T be a male versus female thing: it should be a "lets try to fix this because molesters, sexual abusers, rapists male or female are disgusting." i find that making it into a sex war trivializes the victim's pain.

    furthermore, sorry if i got defensive about the feminist part. there have only been about 50 questions posted on here about the supposed cultural revolution of women molesting young boys because of the feminist "revolution". no doubt you've seen them? i know that it happens and it's sick, but I'm tired of the silly blame game especially when it makes no sense!

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    What I find interesting is that in spite of our living in an age of gender equality, these women get the proverbial "slap on the wrist" for behavior that would put a man behind bars for decades. What gives?

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    Women are just trying to catch up with men. Men have been doing this crap for years.

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    I think you can safely assume that male teachers have been - and will continue - to exploit female students at a higher rate.

    I think the pop-culture media attention given this sensationalist stuff has blown it out of proportion. Don't worry too much about it.

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    Women have gained some sexual power, and are now abusing that power on a massive scale.

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    some have boarder-line personality disorder

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