What does "trigger warning" mean?

I've been seeing it in blog posts lately, seemingly referring to maybe something ugly coming up, but the last usage was odd. Anyone know what the history of the term is?

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    It's considered a type of spoiler.

    "A warning placed in the title of an e-mail or post to let possible readers know that the content might trigger (or upset) them." ( )

    "Trigger Warning : Some fictions have themes that can trigger certain behaviors in others. These include self-injury, molestation, eating disorders, and rape. All fictions that contain these themes will have a trigger warning beforehand.?" ( http://fanfiction.mugglenet.com/tips-terms.php )


    It's not completely clear but it seems to have arisen from the self-help mental illness community. The initial triggers warned about were things like PTSD, depression, or self-harm. There is also some evidence it may have come from the fact that flashing lights can trigger epilepsy.

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    What Does Trigger Warning Mean

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    A "trigger" is some sight or sound or event which creates an urge in susceptible individuals to do something. A trigger can be anything, depending on what the person has been taught (either on purpose or accidentally). For example, Pavlov taught his dogs to salivate by ringing a bell... the bell was the "trigger". For people who are already prone to self-mutilation, watching such a video could create a nearly irresistible urge to do it again. So it isn't advisable for people with that problem to watch those videos.

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