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Why do some Christians say that homosexuality is a sin?


additude: Exactly where does the bible say, "One woman, for one man for one lifetime."

Also, since hermaphrodism exists naturally in humans, exactly with whom is an hermaphrodite supposed to have that one lifetime?

Justin A: Likewise, god created hermaphrodites--with whom are hermaphrodites to live?

Fun Tree Rodent: The bible does, indeed specifically label murder and adultery, it does not mention homosexuality.

Rick B: I have heard of Sodom and Gomora. Exactly what Sodom and Gomora has to do with homosexuality is not described in your answer. In fact, your answer strikes me as queer.

Ruth: Please list these "many" scriptures. If there are "many," surely it will be easy for you to list five (5). Homosexuality must be specifically included in the original text.

Jacob A: I don't think the bible tells them that anywhere, actually.

N L: If God and his words do not lie, certainly you can tell me exactly where these words are located in the Bible.

Update 2:

heart-(paired-8th notes)-(8th note)-Willy... (whatever your handle is meant to be) -- how do you know this is God's will? Sorry, just because you say it doesn't mean it's so.

Blaze.of... :You failed to reference where the bible says this. I can as easily say "the bible says eat an apple every day." That doesn't mean it's in there.

Cynical Susan. : Reference, please. Where does it say this in the bible? Perhaps you are not as cynical as you'd have others believe...

Adel: I am looking for people to cite their references. Where in the bible does it specify this? If it can specify what kind of animals are considered a sin to consume, I'd expect the same regarding sexuality.

Super Jules: Where does it mention "sodomy"? Thanks.

techtwos...: where is the verse?

me: If they *did* take the bible literally, I believe they would *not* say this!

smile and don't stop: cite the place in the bible where it says this. Thanks.

candi_k7: citation, please.

Update 3:

gummywor...: I would hope that since you believe this, you would have asked a pastor, yourself, and thusly will be able to provide me with the specific chapter and verse where it says this... eagerly awaiting your updated answer! Thanks!

hermione: So if god created only man and woman, who created the hermaphrodites? Also who created the male children whose testicles never descend, and spend their lives looking externally like women? These biological conditions have existed throughout human existence. It is only now we can determine it through science.

eelai000: I get your point, but still, cite chapter and verse if you know it.

vaugn4: you forgot to give the chapter and verse in the bible where this is stated.

dom g: [rolls eyes] [shakes head]

Steve: You fail to cite the chapter and verse of this extremely important claim. If it's so severe, it's disturbing you can't specifically cite where it is written...

Update 4:

Freezing in Arkansas: Thanks for providing a reference, but it does not connect to the original texts, or explain its translation deviation from the original texts. Nevertheless, at least you know your source!

Big B:

Sadly, you've been misled by false prophets. You must turn to the original texts to know the original meaning.

Me: How do you know god said it was a sin? Am I simply to believe you because you say god said this? How about this: God said using Yahoo Answers! is a sin.

kerry k: Lots of words, but no reference, no citation. I do not believe something just because you said it is so. At least provide a source and if it's the bible, the chapter and verse, please.

Steve Amato: In reply to your version of the translation, here's what I choose to think is more truthful:

nick v: I assume god also created hermaphrodites... but nothing you said makes homosexuality a sin...

Update 5:


My next question will be: Do you people who believe homosexuality is a sin also believe those born XXY, XXXY, XXYY are the spawn of satan?

Update 6:

realchr... : I'm taking your version of the Roman's 1:19 translation: "Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them" to mean since God hath shewed me the meaning of the words in the original text, that no where has God labeled homosexuality as a sin. Thanks!

David F: Please to explain god's stance on hermaphrodites. Also you need to edit your answer for clarity. all those b z y g, etc. are a pain to read, and finally, I asked specifically about homosexuality. Not incest, etc. Please to cut the fat. Thanks.

karen_03... : So I am to assume you are the human mouth of God? Citation, please. I have never read anywhere that god stated homosexuality is an abomination.

...also, I do expect the people who posted vague answers to clarify their own answers. When I ask hermione about hermaphrodites, it is directed to hermione only--not all of you.

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    The irony of fundamentalist Christians has no beginning and no end.

    The same conservative religious leaders who bellow warnings about false prophets are often the same ones who lead their followers astray with claims of the Bible codemning homosexuality.

    In fact, the Bible does NOT label homosexuality as "unnatural."

    In fact, the Bible does NOT label homosexuality as a sin.

    For some reason, in modern day society, it suits the loudest fundamentalists to translate an array of very specific words in the original texts as meaning "homosexuality." Those words. as they were used in contemporary society at the time the bible was written, were NOT used to describe homosexuality. There were words people used, specifically, to describe homosexuality, but these words are NOT found in the bible, not because these words were too obscene to write, but because homosexuality was NOT codemned.

    If god had wanted people to understand homosexuality is a sin, god would have directed writers of the bible to use the words of the day that actually meant homosexuality. Homosexuality was not rare when the bible was written, and unlike the culture of the USA in the mid-20th century, it was not held as a shameful secret. There were specific words in common usage.

    A key element manipulators of the bible rely upon is the short attention span of their followers.

    One has to be alert and focused, with an attention to detail, to understand that language is a constantly changing entity. Just 60 years ago, if someone was called gay, it meant that person was cheerful and light-hearted. Just 40 years ago, anyone hearing the phrase "p.c." would neither have thought of a personal computer, nor the words, "politically correct." Even the technical term, "homosexual" did not exist in any language 150 years ago. When one sets out to translate a passage from one language into another, it is critical to be aware of common usage at the time the text was written. Likewise, those who write with the intention of being understood centuries later are generally well-aware of this aspect of language, and choose their words carefully when they write.

    Certainly if any god exists at all, that god would be aware of this ambiguity of language, and would choose words that would leave no room for doubt when describing something as serious as sin!

    People who use the bible to manipulate others to achieve their personal politcal goals are a staple of humanity. Consider heresy and the Spanish Inquisition. Today, certain religious leaders rally a modern witch hunt against homosexuality--the purpose of which is unclear.

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    If you do not care what others suppose, then you definitely did not write this (moderately disorganized) e-mail. Some, however no longer all, Christians factor to a small quantity of Bible verses that say designated intercourse acts are improper. They can say that those acts are sinful, however not anything in scripture anyplace even indicates that gays are sinful; it is regularly been approximately the act, no longer the man or woman. However, plenty individuals often have a quandary with the homosexual tradition. It upsets them. This has not anything to do with Christianity. It is in this non-devout groundwork that individuals have the view that there's some thing intrinsically improper with homosexual individuals. Many individuals combine those matters up, and finish that Christianity has taken the role that being homosexual is sinful. That is conveniently improper. It has regularly been the intercourse act that Christianity has condemned. Of path, if you don't learn the Bible actually, then these types of scriptures shouldn't have so much drive, in view that despite the fact that they have been to have any authority, the authority that they had used to be over a institution of individuals that has lengthy vanished. We aren't certain by means of those legislation within the equal means. We too can finish that the point of view that they had used to be conveniently improper. Love is a unique factor. We cannot expect who we're going to love. We cannot flip it on or off. If a man or woman loves any person else, that is in general all there may be to it. Folks normally get disillusioned if an additional man or woman falls in love with any person of the equal intercourse, however I suppose they must simply recover from it. It's no longer as though the man or woman quite has manage over it... I wish it is a bit useful a minimum of. Don't fear; in approximately fifty years, the homosexual difficulty might be a non-difficulty.

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    the bible says"You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination." more are from, however it describes the act of having homosexual relations, (sex), or lusting in homesexual ways, wanting to be with a man/Woman. it does not say that the sexual identity is a sin. just acting the way, while others will violently declare that both being homosexual is bad. science is starting to find evidence that hormone levels prenatal assist in determining sexual identity. which would imply that it is determineded before birth, and the definiton of true sin, or more importantly mortal sin, is as follows,

    1. the action, thought, omission, must be (gravely) wrong.

    2. the person must know full well that the action, or thought or omission is wrong.

    3. the person must fully and freely consciously CHOOSE the action, thought or omission.

    so if they did not CHOOSE their orientation(science says no), they are not committing a sin!, thats what i feel they mistakenly associate, the act, with the identity. regardless of which, praying to god or talking to a priest, rabbi, etc. would be helpful.

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    MOST of the hypocrites who WHINE about homosexuality are the lying **pseudo**-Christians of the RRR Cult... the "Religious" Radical Right. The Bible is *at least* as harsh on soothsayers and mediums/channellers as it is on homosexuality. But those pathetic and ignorant losers of the RRR ignore the Ouija Board and Tarot Card players, and go after the gay community instead. Mindless and hateful bigots!

    Guess what? LYING is prohibited in the Big Ten.. but homosexuality isn't.

    And -- it would be pretty darned hard to come up with anything that is more HARMLESS than same-sex marriage.

    The RRR cultists are every bit as cretinous as the equally-ignorant segregationists who preceded them.

    RRR : Society :: 5% arsenic solution : glass of drinking water

    -- "Roadrat" -- Normal and sensible actual Christian. Just like the rest of America's actual Christians. We comprise 94% of the USA's *professing* Christians. Everyone's UNobtrusive, tolerant, and fair-minded, work-a-day next-door neighbors. Who should NEVER be confused with the loathsome RRR Cult and its 15 million lemmings.

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  • If it does say in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin and because of that certain Christian groups in America think that gay marriage should be outlawed, then they must also take into account that God says in the Bible that he is the one true god, mustn't we outlaw the religious equivalents of gay marriage, such as worshiping some other religion? Is America a free country of diversity?

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  • Because it is. It says so in the Bible. God created marriage and sex to be between a man and a woman. I am Christian but I have many gay friends so I'm not entirely sure wear I stand on homosexuality. But I do know that it is in the Bible.

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    Because it is, and the Bible so states just that. An abomination is a sin, but carries a much more harsh punishment. That punishment would be death, immediately. No sin offering, no atonement by some means, just a rock throwing party until the offender is dead. The Bible is right, what man tries to say is okay, just isn't. It's like this, rape is seen in the Bible as a sin, should we as a society say that it is okay, and all women are fair game? No, then why try to claim that the Bible is to harsh, not fair, and should not be listened to and what we want to to be okay, should be okay. That could also lead to robbery, should that be made okay as well, no penalty for theft, if not, why not, in light of the effort to make homosexuality to be an acceptable practice.

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    All Bible believing Christians will tell you homosexuality is a sin.

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  • Adel
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    Because it is. Because that's what the Bible says about it. My religion, Islam, says the same thing.

    Read about the people of Sodom and you'll see why they say that.

    It's no secret that Christianity is against homosexuality - I'm talking about mainstream, Biblical Christianity... not the new Hillary Clinton and Elton John Christianity.

    Edit: One semantic note: it is the acting out on the homosexuality that is the sin, not the person's tendencies themselves. I believe that the major religions recognize the psychological occurrence of it, and that is not treated as a sin, but rather as a condition that can be treated, and that a person can be conditioned to give up this lifestyle and live a heterosexual one. Just thinking logically about it... men and women are naturally complementary - and I do believe that people who have homosexual inclinations can adapt to become heterosexual. After all, we are speaking here about humans - who are naturally social and adaptive creatures. I've noticed a lot of people nowadays call themselves bisexual, which was barely around 50 years ago. If 2% of a society has to adapt to the rest of the society, there is left conflict than the reverse.

    So personally we don't hate homosexuals, but it is their physical sexual actions that we hate.

    OK, I hope you find the answers that satisfy you.

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    Because the bible has some references to sodomy as being an act against nature.

    Of course, Jesus's teachings all indicate forgiveness and unconditional love, so... you know.

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