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Do you think that Fred Thompson is setting himself up to be the VP?

By all accounts Thompson's campaign is not that well organized. However, he has managed to pull it together enough that he has remained the top conservative candidate (easily beating out Huckaby and Paul). Could this possibly be because he realizes that the most likely outcome in the primary is that Guilliani, Romney, or McKane will win and NEED a concervative VP to ensure fundamentalist and ultra concervative voter turn out?

Furthermore, do you think that Thompson would be a good addition to balance the ticket? (Guilliani/Thompson for example)

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    He could very well be doing that.

    However, why has everyone forgotten about these two candidates who are more conservative than Thompson?



    And no, I don't want to see Rudy G. become the United State's next president or vice president.

    He's far too liberal.

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    First, McCain is ranked lower than Paul. The poll your looking at, is a poll of registerd republicans from the last election (which voted for Bush 2nd term). Other polls show Paul in the top 4 or 5.

    Thompson could be VP. But I fear that when we see Hillary nominated and idiots realise Giuliani and Romney could NEVER beat her, they will POOL voters for Giuliani and Romney by setting those 2 up. Giuliani pres, Romney VP. They would need to do it to join the voting mass in hopes Romney voters go along with it.

    Conservatives are voting for Paul, or not at all this time around. The country is in the wrong direction.

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    VERY cool question. He'd make a perfect VP. Kind of low-key. And low voiced! But more animated than Dick zzzzzz Cheney.

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    Maybe. He does not seem to be as hard hitting as I thought that he would be.

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